Replica Sistemi Academy
Replica Sistemi Academy,the training course Junior Software Programmers



Courses goals are:
- education of "SOFTWARE JUNIOR PROGRAMMERS" with C# and SQL Server languages and Microsoft .Net framework
- introduction and in-depth analysis about Microsoft .Net framework, C#, DB SQL Server and C++ languages
- offering Junior Developer positions to the best trainees.


The course is addressed to 10 young / recent graduates and graduates in computer technology or Engineering Management, mathematics, statistics with strong programming and English language knowledge. This pre-recruiting training is offered to Italian citizens – EU citizens and also extra-UE citizens with regular stay-permits – not engaged in a job nor attending other courses.


Participants will have a subsequent job placement as Junior Software Programmers with a 6 months fixed-term contract for a possible final employment in the company.


140 hours full time Monday / Friday 9-18
Location: Curtatone in Mantova - board and lodging expenses on Umana agency for candidates coming from other regions.
Subscriptions open on June. Applications must be received by May.

Replica Sistemi Academy, the training course for Project Manager



The course offers junior project managers a specific training to learn how to successfully manage software implementation projects of warehouse and transportation logistics solutions (WMS and TMS).
The course aims to develop specific skills on the software platform the SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICSby Replica Sistemi for the management of warehouse and transportation.


The course is addressed to 10 young graduates, recent graduates or graduates in IT or management, mathematics, statistics, aged between 22 and 30 and living in Italy - EU citizens or non-EU foreigners legally resident - not engaged in a work activity nor included in a school or training course, coming from all over Italy.


Selections and interviews at Replica Sistemi’s headquarter will anticipate the course consisting in 176 hours and 22 days, full-time working hours from Monday to Friday (09.00-18.00).

Registration for the new course from June 2018.

During the classrooms Logistics contents will be provided (goods receipt, picking, inventory, storage, goods handling); training on Project Management focusing on Replica Sistemi’s software products.

Replica Sistemi Academy Story

The first Project Manager course was held between December and January 2016/2017 and the second one between November and December 2017. Hosted at the Replica Sistemi’s headquarters they were aimed at training young graduates or recent graduates for a possible subsequent professional placement as a Junior Project Manager within the company.

The courses cover 176 hours of theory and practice training, in full-time working hours from Monday to Friday.

The selected students follow a training course split into 7 modules that aim to provide specific logistic skills for an integrated management of the information flows of supply and distribution of materials along the supply chain.

After a short introduction to the company system, the courses move on to acquiring skills in the areas of warehouse and supply chain management.

The courses will therefore get the focus through in-depth analysis of all aspects of project management, providing a methodological framework for dealing with the problems of setting up, organizing and controlling a logistics project.

Replica Academy
Replica Academy
Replica Academy

Finally, the path is completed with notions of occupational safety, rights and duties of workers.

From theory to practice, after the classroom training, practice is provided to go deeper into the SMA.I.L :) StockSystem WMS alongside the Senior Project Manager, and to closely follow implementations of the WMS at customer’s premises.

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