Support Contracts

The service program provides three different levels of contractual hardware and software support.

[Software Support]

StockService Base

  • High: A blocking problem that requires an immediate solution because its prevents normal warehouse operations (such as an interruption of the software application making it impossible for the company to operate and/or process data)
  • Average: A non-blocking problem that, nevertheless, requires a relatively quick solution (such as application software problems that determine a malfunction of the customer's normal operations).
  • Low: A non-blocking problem that does not prevent normal warehouse operations and is less serious than the preceding.
  • Secondary: Every request for generic assistance relative to the use of the application software.

We undertake to accept different Service Levels for each type of call.

On-site presence for assistance in the case of Disaster Recovery Tuning of the application.

Preventive maintenance of the database.

Taking immediate charge of the report and providing priority service in the case of malfunction in the first available time band of the programming service.

[Hardware Support]

StockService Depot

  • Terminals repaired in 3 working days (transport days not included).
  • Telephone Help Desk.

StockService Express
In addition to the services included in StockService Depot, this level provides:

  • Reconfiguration of terminals;
  • Sending a replacement back-up unit.

StockService Gold Pass
This level provides:

  • Terminals repaired in 3 working days
  • Telephone Help Desk
  • Transport costs from and to Replica Sistemi's Mantua repair center
  • Reconfiguration of terminals
  • Sending a replacement back-up unit
  • On-Site Support in the case of system problems imputable to terminals.
  • Coverage of damage caused by inexperience or accident.
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance.

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* *As regards mobile computers, considering that the manufacturers have centralized European service centers, Replica Sistemi has organized its own Technical Support and Maintenance with competent technical personnel available to respond quickly to the needs of customers and the availability of spare parts in the warehouse.

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