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[Integrated systems, not just hardware. ]

Through experience gained in the field and constant investments in training and R&D, Replica Sistemi is an organization that not only offers its customers quality software but also professional services for the implementation of integrated systems with high value-added.

Replica Sistemi is the strategic partner chosen by its customers for:

  • its highly-specialized analysts, programmers and technicians;
  • the quality, security and high performance of the solutions implemented;
  • its innovation and ability to add value over time;
  • its constant attention to the quality of service provided;
  • the guarantee of reliability and conformity to current regulations.

The professional services offered by Replica Sistemi are:

  • functional analysis services;
  • Installation and configuration services;
  • system services;
  • training and start-up services.

[Functional Analysis Services]

In the design phase of an integrated system, the project managers collect data to analyze the layout of the warehouse, the type of materials to be handled, the entering flows, stocking, picking and shipping and the interactions with the central information system to define the most appropriate architecture for achieving the designated objectives.

In particular, the analysis is used to generate the Project Report, a detailed document shared with the customer that defines:
  • the configuration of the application environment;
  • any personalizations to be implemented;
  • the methods of interfacing with the information system (ERP) and automatic systems (automated warehouses, LGVs, etc).

The personalizations are the fruit of additional functional analyses and designed to solve specific problems; the programmers then translate them into enhancements to the standard application software.
There is also on-going analysis and development of the applications to update and improve the quality of the products.

For the detailed analysis of the hardware, the project managers are supported by the technical staff for the definition of:

  • the Site Survey, which establishes the positioning of the accessand identifies radio-frequency noise, which is often found in warehouses, with the subsequent release of a certification report;
  • the detail of the elements needed to install the network wiring needed to support the wireless infrastructure.

The Project Report also contains a GANTT chart that lists the planned activities, established their duration, any interdependencies and the date by which each single activity must be performed. 

[Installation and Configuration Services]

Replica Sistemi's technical staff provide the necessary support for the design, installation and configuration of the hardware and wireless infrastructure.

In particular, it is able to:

  • design the infrastructure;
  • configure the mobile computers and label printers;
  • install the serversandclients where the software applications reside;
  • position and connect the radio-frequency transmitters (accesspoints);
  • check the effective Wi-Fi coverage installed.

As part of a program to ensure the confidentiality of its customer's data traveling on the Wi-Fi network, Replica Sistemi offers the service of analyzing and correcting problems through the implementation of the most modern protocols for managing data security.

[System Services]

The professionals that provide these services are persons with consolidated experience gained at Replica Sistemi and are capable of providing system support for local and geographic networks, the main operating systems and the most modern databases.

The system staff also configures the application environment and, in particular:

  • the installation of the network software;
  • the configuration of servers and printers;
  • the installation of Replica Sistemi's software and the integration of archives;
  • the configuration of connection lines for remote support.

[Training and Start-up Services]

The project managers are also able to train the key users to correctly use the application software and hardware. In particular, they:

  • explain the functioning of the application software to the technicians responsible for configuring the system;
  • determine the responsibilities for new coding or the entry of tables
  • User training:
  • common training sessions and training for the specific company departments involved, addressed to the end-users of the applications.

When training and testing is completed, they launch the project, providing the maximum support so that this can be successfully completed by the established deadline.

Replica Sistemi provides excellent, timely and effective support, updating and maintenance services. 

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