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Replica Sistemi specializes in the development and implementation of software applications with the objective of providing precise, professional services.
Replica Sistemi's know-how and reliability create value and satisfaction for companies that want to adopt competitive, successful market strategies.

In addition to the quality of its products, Replica Sistemi's success also depends on service and the skills that it is able to communicate and transfer to its customers by established a solid partnership relationship with them.

Replica Sistemi accompanies its customers during all phases of the project: from the sales process through to an initial analysis to define the most suitable architecture for the design; it supports all the subsequent maintenance and management phases of the application by providing punctual assistance. 

[Sales Process]

Replica Sistemi's software applications are distributed by a direct sales network that covers all of Italy and Europe and by an indirect network of carefullyselected partners.

Replica Sistemi develops extremely professional AccountManagers: in addition to teaching the principal modern sales techniques, it also provides them with technical-logistical know-howgained over the years and updated by the experience of the many installations performed.

For this reason, the AccountManagers are qualified professionals capable of interacting perfectly with the decision-makersof their prospectivecustomers and providing complete answers.

Professionalism and trust are the essential elements for maintaining the solidity of customer relations and transforming them into stable relationships over time.

Our references are a strategic tool for success in the acquisition of newprospects: our customers frequently host companies interested in seeing the Replica Sistemi's software applications at work at their own headquarters.

Right from the first meeting, the Account Managers are able to observe and understand a potential customer's needs, indicating the possible investment that the customer should make and also evaluating installation methods and times.

[System Integration]

After the definition of the sales agreements, the Account Manager works with the Project Manager to define in detail the analyses to be made, the installation methods and times, the configuration of the systems that will integrate software and hardware and the schedule for training, starting up and conducting the project and any personalizations.

Thanks to the high level of standardization of the application software and the high specialization of the Project Managers, Replica Sistemi guarantees its customers short installation times and timely support.

Together with the customer, the Project Manager creates a work group to define a preparatory plan to achieve the defined objectives, developing the Project Report: a document that defines the configuration and any personalizations necessary to satisfy the functional requirements.

The analysis phase involves the Technical Staff to define the Site Survey, the implementation of the wireless infrastructure, the configuration of the hardware and the integration of all systems.

In the project start-up phase, Republic Sistemi's system integrators train the key users, providing the maximum support so that the project can be successfully concluded by the established deadlines.


The programmers and Help Desk specialists are always available to customers, at any time, and, based on the Service Level Agreement signed are able to provide an adequate and precise response to any requests for assistance.

The programming staff conducts R&D to improve the products, taking care to install any software updates on customer servers and providing periodic ordinary maintenance.


Availability, precision and punctuality are also the characteristics that distinguish Replica Sistemi's administrative departments, which are responsible for managing accounting and relations with customers and suppliers: classification of contracts, management of purchasing, issuing and posting sales and purchase invoices and administrative support.

Seriousness and professionalism are values that Replica Sistemi shares with both partners and customers..


All phases of the relationship with customers are supported by specific marketing activities intended to improve customer satisfaction.

Organizing events, sending questionnaires, mailings and telephone call backs are just a few of the tools that Replica Sistemi uses to keep the dialogue with its customers constantly alive.

n particular, it establishes collaborative relationships that provide advantages from both an operational and strategic-sales point of view. For example, together we can structure co-marketing activities by organizing successful meetings or joint-communication campaigns.

Those who would like to get to know Replica Sistemi in person will be welcome guests in our new headquarters in Curtatone (MN) and in all our branches in Italy and abroad.

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