Assistance Methods

Requests for assistance via telephone and/or e-mail are handled by the Help Desk specialists, who qualify them based on specific procedures for first and second intervention levels.

Reports, which can be for software (new requests or bugs) or hardware assistance are recorded in Replica Sistemi's management system and tickets are created that the Help Desk handles or the basis of the level of urgency.

[First Level]

At the time when a customer makes a request, the Help Desk Representative records the report, qualifies it and opens a ticket taking charge of the support request.

If the problem does not imply programming activities, the operator proceeds to solve the problem autonomously, checks with the customer that the interventions executed are working and agrees on closing the ticket, indicating the hours spent.

[Secondo Livello]

If the problem found by the Help Desk Representative reveals the presence of a software bug, i.e., an error in the application program, an additional ticket is opened to forward the modification request to the programming managers, which could vary based on the degree of urgency:

  • If it is a blocking problem (High) programmers that provide support to customer service immediately begin to resolve the problem. Once the modification is made to the system, the update is sent to the customer and the programming ticket is closed. Finally, the Help Desk Representative contacts the customer to verify the correct operation of the system and closes the service ticket.
  • If it is a non-blocking problem (Average,Low and Secondary) a programming ticket is opened and the request is scheduled as part of ordinary programming activities.
    Once the modification is made to the system, the update is sent to the customer and the programming ticket is closed. The Service Representative checks that the system is functioning correctly and closes the service ticket.

The call is tracked along its closing cycle, identifying the intermediate milestones:

  • taking charge;
  • first feedback;
  • first feedback.

We are in the process of implementing a tracking service for service requests with the possibility of sending the customer a detailed report of the calls made, broken down by seriousness, and the possibility of rating the service received by filling out a questionnaire to provide an assessment of customer satisfaction.

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