Video Post Event: The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice

May 27, 2014 Replica EMEA - in collaboration with Obase and Zetes -- has held the event: \"The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice\" to introduce the Voice technology which increases productivity, simplifies and streamlines logistics operations. Obase General Manager Bulent Dal and Replica Sistemi Export Manager Luca Venturini, have welcomed the attendees and introduced Replica EMEA, the new established company resulting from the joint venture between Replica Sistemi, european leading provider of WMS applications and Obase, major Turkish company delivering value - added applications for retail management. Replica EMEA purpose is spreading and distributing in Turkey the voice technology integrated with StocksystemEvolution®, WMS specifically designed to operate this technology. Zetes Senior Vice President --mr. Marcel Kars - has then taken the floor; Zetes is an international leading system integrator specializing in voice recognition and voice synthesis applications having successfully carried out over 1.000 Voice-technology projects in businesses all around the world. Enhanced Productivity, Efficiency, Accuracy, Manageability & Training, Safety & Ergonomics are driven by the Voice technology as warehouse operators can work with hands and eyes free, doing their job faster, simpler and more accurate. Replica Sistemi Development Manager -- mr Francesco Gozzi -- has finally shown how to really maximize performances with the Voice technology, that is Integrating it with a specifically designed Voice-directed WMS, such as StockSystemEvolution. Optimizing warehouse processes enables any company to grow its business providing improved level of service and reduced cost of ownership. The event came to a conclusion with the live demonstration of the operating Voice technology system.

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