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SDA Express Courier - Poste Italiane Group manage the warehouse with SMA.I.L:) by Replica Sistemi

SDA Express Courier – part of Poste Italiane Group has implemented Replica Sistemi’s WMS StockSystem to enhance management and performance of its warehousing operations adding-on also StockVoice the voice synthesis recog...

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Building the future Supply Chain - Post Event 2015

May 13, 2015 Replica EMEA - in collaboration with Honeywell Vocollect Solutions, Obase, Tesisquare and KFI Turk – held the event “Building the future Supply Chain” in Istanbul - Turkey - focusing on innovative technology...

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Post Event: The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice

May 27, 2014 Replica EMEA - in collaboration with Obase and Zetes -- has held the event: \"The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice\" to introduce the Voice technology which increases productivity, simplifies and streaml...

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Food & Beverage Logistics and warehouse: Case study Diageo Operations Italy

Diageo Operations Italy SpA, leading company in the beverage industry since 1994 producing and distributing spirit, wine and beer, selects Replica Sistemi's software solutions: StockSystemEvolution WMS - for the logistic...

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Food Logistics manage with StockSystemEvolution WMS: Caterline Case History

Company specializing in providing food and non-food products chosen by professional operators in healthcare, educational, small and mid-sized companies facilities as well as restaurants, hotels and any large building see...

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Warehouse Voice Picking: case study Partesa Lombardia

Distribution network specializing in the HoReCa channel Partesa Lombardia has chosen Replica Sistemi's solutions to manage warehouse logistics integrated with voice technology: StockSystemEvolution WMS and StockVoice Mod...

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Voice Technology in warehouse logistics by Replica Sistemi and Vocollect

Replica Sistemi is a Vocollect Total Solution Provider Platinum Level that delivers logistics solutions based on voice synthesis and recognition technology.

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Fercam Padua: event “Logistics tours for gaining efficiency and reducing costs”

The October 27th event at the Padua warehouse, Replica Sistemi, in collaboration with Fercam, organized the event Logistics tours for gaining efficiency and reducing costs with a visit to the bonded warehouse and logisti...

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Replica Sistemi's supply chain solutions: warehouse and transportation software

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Fercam Treviso - Event Live Logistics: from theory to practice

Friday, June 10, 2011 - Replica Sistemi, in collaboration with Fercam, organized in Casale of Sile (TV) the event \"Live Logistics: from theory to practice\" - Visit to Fercam's warehouse\".    Marcello Corazzola, Direct...

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