SMA.I.L:) Yard Management System

SMA.I.L:Yard Management System

Software for the management and control of vehicles that stop and transit in the yard 

SMA.I.L:) Yard Management System is the add-on included in the SMA.I.L:SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS, platform that seamlessly integrates with the WMS and the TMS to control, manage and track trucks and containers flows of all inbound and outbound goods in distribution centers or warehouses of manufacturing companies. 

The audit of the yard flows and the gates helps manage the warehouse in terms of workers and lift-trucks involved in goods picking and handling up to the loading/unloading docks in an effort to decrease the waiting times. 

Through the adoption of efficient and intuitive tools customers will get control of the inbound and outbound supply chain thanks to specific functionalities enabling users to:

  • Know in advance the trucks towards the plant going to load or unload orders.


  • Assign compatible gates to the arrivals based on type of order and vehicle according to gate clerks check.
  • Reduce stopping times for trailers in the yard thanks to the appointment scheduling of day/slot (in order to avoid bottlenecks caused by not-managed arrival times).

  • Check the status of the trucks in the yard: from the inbound status (check-ins) to the outbound status (check-outs via Delivery Note).


  • Provide reports and statistics through specific KPIs which provide visibility into stop times of trucks and/or effective reliability or punctuality of carriers.

The communication among multiple players, internal and external, is ensured by the easy event-management for example, process weaknesses can be communicated via automatic alerts (email or SMS) which allow the prompt sharing of information preventing from bottlenecks.



The Yard Management System mainly oversees the following operations:


The YMS allows carriers to communicate with operators in the yard in case trips assigned are subjected to changes; such communications are limted to relevant information such as truck/load features, driver time slot etc.

Incoming and Dock Appointment

Overview of the in-gates via dashboard or loading list, including incoming date and hour.
Possibility to print badges.


Progress Status and Tracking

Management of operations relating with a trip. In particular the management enables the users to research, view, input, change or delete operations. View of a borderaux and associated tracking.


Gate outgoing management via dashboard or loading list, including outgoing date and hour.

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