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add-on to manage voice synthesis and recognition technology

StockVoice is an add-on of the SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS suite, it’s integrated with the WMS StockSystemEvolution to manage warehouse workflows through the voice synthesis and recognition technology.

The StockVoice module enables “hands-free” and “eyes-free” operations thanks to the technology by Vocollect™ - Honeywell - the worldwide leading provider of speech recognition solutions for industrial environment and warehousing processes.

Replica Sistemi today is Platinum Performance Partner Workflow Solutions Specialist by Honeywell and was the first italian company having launched and implemented the Voice technology integrated with a WMS. Replica Sistemi has been awarded many times for the new customers achieved across Europe having chosen Vocollect Voice technology. d implementare la tecnologia Voice integrata ad un WMS.

S.M.A.I.L:) Voice drives fast Return On Investment (ROI), increase productivity and eliminates errors.

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Voice Benefits

speed, efficiency and productivity'

The operator receives voice instructions from the system and confirms or interacts with the system by speaking.

Errors are avoided thanks to a cross-checking ensuring more agility, speed, efficiency in orders setting as well as productivity and precision with hands and eyes free.

Warehouse activities, especially picking functions, are definitely faster (25%-50%) with strong error reduction and about 18 months Return On Investment.

Training time for new personnel is significantly reduced as a result of the simplicity of speaking.

S.M.I.L:)Voice® adapts to any environment, supports a multi-language platform and is not subject to dialectal inflections or pronunciations, as it is suitable for every language spoken by the operator. The terminals are Voice Dependent to guarantee the highest performances in speech recognition and allow the use inside noisy, dirty and cold (up to -40°) work environments.

Thanks to the voice recognition technology the system turns voice data into information sent to the server, and server assignments are translated into simple and effective speech commands. Workers easily perform logistics processes with: timely execution, operational accuracy and immediate information availability.



Performing multiple operations at once (confirming the task while picking the items, watching locations while moving etc.).



Attention is improved as there is no handheld device screen to look at all the times.


Voice Dependent

The noise suppression technology allows operators to work efficiently even in noisy work environments.



Training times much faster. Immediate emergency reaction and recovery.



Reduced work-related injuries.


Voice Dependent

Improved performances in harsh environment down to -40°C.

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