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add-on to manage voice synthesis and recognition technology

StockSystemEvolution® integrates with the StockVoice® module which enables “hands-free” and “eyes-free” operations through Vocollect™ voice synthesis and recognition technology, the world leading speech recognition solution for industrial environment and warehousing processes


Replica Sistemi is a Vocollect Total Solution Provider Platinum Level that delivers logistics solutions based on voice synthesis and recognition technology.

Vocollect™ is the worldwide industry leading provider of voice solutions for industrial-warehouse environments.

As a Vocollect Total Solution Provider Replica Sistemi takes advantage of its experienced team to deliver voice-driven logistics solutions with StockVoice, voice synthesis and recognition module that seamlessly integrates with StockSystem®Evolution.

StockVoice can be fully integrated with the WMS and the customer’s ERP solution to manage picking, put-away and replenishment operations.

Replica Sistemi has been chosen by

StockVoice drives fast Return On Investment (ROI), increase productivity and eliminates errors.

StockVoice communicates with the WMS by Voice.

Warehouse operators are equipped with Vocollect Talkman® light belt wearable devices featuring headsets and microphones to work fast and safe with hands and eyes-free.

The operator receives voice instructions from the system and confirms or interacts with the system by speaking.

Errors are avoided thanks to a cross-checking ensuring more agility, speed, efficiency in orders setting as well as productivity and precision with hands and eyes free.

Warehouse activities, especially picking functions, are definitely faster (25%-50%) with strong error reduction and about 18 months Return On Investment.

Training time for new personnel is significantly reduced as a result of the simplicity of speaking.

StockVoice® adapts to any environment, supports a multi-language platform and is not subject to dialectal inflections or pronunciations, as it is suitable for every language spoken by the operator. The terminals are Voice Dependent to guarantee the highest performances in speech recognition and allow the use inside noisy, dirty and cold (up to -40°) work environments.

Thanks to the voice recognition technology the system turns voice data into information sent to the server, and server assignments are translated into simple and effective speech commands. Workers easily perform logistics processes with: timely execution, operational accuracy and immediate information availability.

[Hardware Voice]

Wired or wireless voice headsets are connected to a radio-transmitter powered by battery that enables the voice data interchange between StockSystemEvolution and the operator.

These devices conform to the 802.11b wireless standard (WiFi technology) thus the radio-frequency coverage is the same of hand-held and vehicle-mounted terminals; this allows customers to work with a multimodal approach (that is hand-held/vehicle-mounted together with voice terminals).

Talkman® devices are strictly tested to ensure efficiency in noisy, dirty and cold (down to a minimum of – 40°) work environments.

I computers portatili Talkman® sono sottoposti a una rigorosa serie di test per essere sicuri che avranno delle prestazioni affidabili in ambienti sporchi, rumorosi e freddi (lavorano fino a -40°).

Replica Sistemi provides the new Vocollect Talkman A500 based on Voice Artisan™ to offer a multimodal approach to warehouse processes.

This device interacts with the worker providing data on multiple configurations from voice-only to voice combined with supplemental functions such as a scanner or display.

The Talkman A500 is compatible with peripherals such as scanners, mobile printers, display and RFID scanners to enable the operators to best align their work with the specific task they are performing. This results in a strong reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and in an ergonomic solution for operators with ands and eyes free.


Voice Technology in warehouse logistics by Replica Sistemi and Vocollect

Productivity - Hands free

More activities at the same time:

  • goods handling
  • communicate
  • cut time waste
  • eliminate final check

Accuracy - Eyes free

First-time speech recognition. Errors corrected while being done:

  • quantity errors
  • wrong item
  • wrong exit point


Voice Dependent

  • top grade voice recognition technology

Noise cancellation

  • noise cancellation for industrial high-noise environment


Real-time data:

  • operators performances
  • activity progress


  • training time close to zero

Exception management:

  • immediate reaction to emergency
  • intervention on anomalies

Safety - Ergonomics

Increased ergonomics and safety in challenging industrial environments:

  • working at heights
  • freezers
  • outside the warehouse (where is difficult to identify bar-code labels)

Benefici principali che hanno ottenuto le aziende clienti di StockVoice:

  • Riduzione Errori: 60-85%
  • Produttività: +25-30%
  • Formazione operatori: Tempi dimezzati


  • Mancanza di visibilità in tempo reale: giacenze, personale, ecc.
  • Errori nel data entry
  • Costi del lavoro e materiale per gestire la carta (liste e/o etichette)
  • Processi NON a mani e occhi liberi
Terminali RF Palmare / Veicolare
  • Riduzione Errori: 30-60%
  • Produttività: +10-50%
  • Riduzione Errori: Ridotto dell'80-90%


  • Necessarie due settimane, in media, per il training
  • L'operatore è distratto: data entry, lettura display, scansione barcode
  • Problemi di sicurezza
  • Non ergonomico
  • Processi NON la mani e occhi liberi
  • Durata delle batterie

In year 2003 Replica Sistemi started designing and delivering voice-based solutions supported by Vocollect Voice® products. Year 2011, Replica Sistemi announces its first award from Vocollect:

VOCOLLECT EMEA 2011 AWARDS - BEST NEW LOGO PARTNER as top European partner for the highest number of new customers implementations with Vocollect Voice technology. Year 2012, Replica Sistemi awarded for:


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