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[Good Receipt]

  • Connection with purchase orders;
  • Item identification;
  • Coding and Labeling, if not present at acceptance;
  • Quality and quantity controls;
  • Management of goods-entry forecasts (stock reserve);
  • Management of cross docking (placing in stock, picking area);
  • Unloading the order and loading the physical warehouse;
  • Production batch/expiration management;
  • Mission-execution management in several passages (tracking);

[Putaway and handling]

  • Automatic and manual putaway logics
  • Warehouse mapping (zone, front, column, shelf)
  • Rotating inventory
  • Internal handling
  • Automatic refilling
  • Gestione mappa fissa/variabile;
  • Stock management
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Warehouse
  • Assigning locations based on different criteria (ABC logic, random or fixed positions, rotation indices and containable volume);
  • Mono and multiple-item LUs.
  • Fixed/variable map management;
  • Rotating/continuous inventory with calculation of warehouse availability;
  • Optimization function management: compacting, refilling routes and replenishment;
  • Printing location labels.
  • Batch tracking management.
  • Management of items/locations by batch and expiration date and respect for FIFO, LIFO, FEFO and LEFO logics.
  • Item management with positions free, fixed or within limits.
  • Quarantine, blocked batch and quality control management.
  • Unplanned stock corrections (breakage/customer returns).


  • Gestione Kanban
  • Production batches
  • Cross Docking
  • Component employment
  • Production returns
  • Assembly-works management (Kit)
  • Variations management
  • Item reserevation code
  • Progress time
  • Missing items

[Picking and Shipping]

  • Shipment planning
  • Sorting and packing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Automated release of picking missions
  • Items compaction
  • Waybill printing
  • Packing-list printing
  • Shipping
  • Delivery document management.
  • Bordereau management.
  • Picked items control.
  • Connection with sales/production management.
  • Definition of picking requests through simulation with automatic report of the service level achieved.
  • Automatic generation of picking missions.
  • Excellent definition and simulation of picking logics (single order/groupage).
  • Refilling for understock.
  • Fanning-out management for massive picking.
  • Activity simulations for resource use (job balance).
  • Picking progress control.
  • Preparation for pallets, orders;
  • Printing accompanying documents;

[Control and Statistics]

  • Productivity analysis
  • Activity progress monitoring
  • Monitoring of operators performances
  • Monitoring of exceptions
  • Kpi dashboard
  • Automatic generation of statistics for both massive picking and single orders..

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