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The multi-client management helps in re-organising warehouse activities and optimizing your resources. Operators can work on different clients at the same time, without allocating dedicated personnel, reducing time and cost.

The new release allows managing and simultaneously viewing different companies right on the main screens of the application and RF-terminals, with the possibility to print customized reports for both single company and all companies, thus maximizing the warehouse processes.

Effective time and resource savings.


Without Multi-company

Each operator manages 1 picking-list that is associated to 1 company and fulfills the related picking operations.

With Multi-company

One operator will manage several picking-lists associated to different companies, with no need to declare the activity to the system.

Also, operators will manage replenishment operations, regardless of the company, driving more efficiently the operator in the rows


Reduction of personnel involved..

Warehouse trucks activity maximized.


Without Multi-company

Warehouse trucks activity maximized.

With Multi-company

All orders of all clients are displayed for each route.


Faster order fulfillment.

[Combined Mission]

The combined mission function has been developed for warehouses with no shelving.

In just one pass the picker can do simultaneously putway, picking and replenishment completing all the operations related to that area with significant reduction in picker walking time and distance.

As a result operations are combined and warehouse trucks are always loaded saving time, costs and energy!

To further improve efficiency it is advisable to work with 4-forks forklifts which are able to simultaneously move up to 4 pallets within the same barcode reading (in case there is no shelving).

 [Transit Point]

The Transit Point can be managed as follows:

  • in case of receiving full pallets to be sorted and forwarded, it is necessary goods picking and shipment preparation. The system doesn’t provide goods receiving, as it runs the picking function for sorting the pallet directly on shelf. It activates the picking onto the pallet received and generates the delivering unit for the staging, in the loading dock.
    If there is no priority on shipping, pallets can be stored in dedicated areas in the warehouse.
  • in case of receiving pallets ready for shipping, StockSystemEvolution identifies the pallet, prepares the label and automatically stores, picks and arranges the shipping for the planned delivery date. By scanning the label on the pallet, StockSystemEvolution automatically generates the waybills of what has been loaded and shipped.

[Stock Web]


StockWeb via any web browser, offers:
1. Real-time control over warehouse movements, stock status, items availability (pallet, parcel, sku), in stock and picking areas helps evaluate tasks, consider stockouts etc.
It is possible also to check the overall status of warehouse activities, orders to dispatch within
the day and production orders, according to priorities set on the system. The view of any activity is customizable for single user.

2. Print supplier’s labels to improve the goods identification process.
A supplier, through web access credentials, receives all information associated with the order enabling the print of related labels to be applied to any single item.

3. KPI dashboard queries, view of tables, charts and specific data, organisation of performance indicators to assess warehouse productivity.
Available views:

  • standard statistics of StockSystemEvolution;
  • custom statistics generated on StockSystemEvolution by users;
  • custom statistics that users may generate on other applications (Erp, Business Intelligence, Crm, Data Warehouse etc.).
  • Views of any activity can be customised by any user/client.

4. Print of waybills with digital signature to streamline and make more timely and precise proofs of delivery; available Delivery Note print with carrier digital signature and QR-code association with the document.
When the carrier deliveries the goods, via smartphone, the QRcode is scanned and applied onto the Delivery Note proving automatically the delivery completion to both manufacturer and carrier.



This add-on is specifically designed for the automated accounting of all pallet movements. Through accurate monitoring and tracking of any inbound or outbound pallet movement, the Pallet Module helps reduce costs and cut time for pallet returns, eliminating waste or theft and saving the cost of buying new pallets. The module keeps track of all movements of pallets as well as other transportation units such as swap bodies, kegs etc. The Pallet Module seamlessly integrates with StockSystemEvolution® WMS.

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[Supporto hardware]

Le inefficienze di magazzino dipendono anche dal mancato controllo dei terminali acquistati.

Capita spesso che le aziende non sappiano nemmeno quanti terminali hanno in dotazione, quali siano effettivamente utilizzati e quali invece siano in riparazione.

Con il Supporto hardware è possibile controllare in ogni momento lo stato degli apparati hardware in uso o in manutenzione.

Nell'apposita interfaccia è possibile verificare i relativi parametri di ciascun terminale hardware: matricola, magazzino, stato in uso o in riparazione, fornitore, ecc..

[Customized layout]

Any user can customize the screen design and layout selecting style, colors or backgrounds among a variety of options.

Increased scalalability of the main menu: basing on the size of the screen, menu cells can be resized by dragging on horizontal or vertical borders.

Grids can be formatted (changed) as they are not solely standard thus values inside the cells can be personalized and automatically updated in every worksheet.

Parametric searches are easier thanks to a new button that helps in enlarging the screen view making it user-friendly and fast.

In the Query Builder, in the cells description of the database it is possible to have simultaneously different languages (i.e. italian-english and a third language) and today you can associate specific reports developed autonomously.

[ New benefits from the integration with hardware devices ]

The integration with new radio-frequency barcode hardware and warehouse automation equipment has been certified, and introduced the QR barcodes and Wi-Fi portable printers management.



Replica Sistemi, first Vocollect partner in Italy having delivered voice-based solutions for the warehouse management, has integrated Vocollect Voice Artisan the latest IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with StockSystemEvolution that easily extends the overall capabilities of the existing Vocollect solution.

The new Vocollect Talkman A500 supports many configurations from voice-only to voice combined with supplemental functions such as a scanner, display, printer or RFID reader enabling the users to customize the functionalities basing on the requirements of their work. This also allows to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) and offer an ergonomic and smart solution to inter-operability with hands and eyes free.

Important projects have been released with RFID technology integrated with StockSystemEvolution for the logistics management in wine and fashion industry.

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