SMA.I.L:) StockSystem WMS - Add-on

[SMA.I.L:) Delivery]


SMA.I.L:) Delivery  is the web based and web server software application - integrated with the suite SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS which provides shipping and distribution planning, arrangement and management.

Through the integration with the WMS and a predefined interface, SMA.I.L:) Delivery enables at any time to plan efficiently the shipping operations while controlling the progress status of the orders in the warehouse.

SMA.I.L:) Delivery allows to get a comprehensive and integrated view of Logisitcs and Distribution processes further enhanced by advanced calculation algorithms which allow for:

  • Automatic arrangement of routes (with possible rearrangement basing on the traffic situation) thanks to an advanced cartography constantly updated by type of vehicle
  • Best possible choice of the vehicle and trip creation
  • Choice of the most affordable carrier

Top flexibility in designing and rearranging shipping activities when it comes to operate different from what suggested by the system

Optimizing shipping performance helps:

  • Lowering costs down to 15% by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving the Customer Satisfaction and Service as a consequence of a better planning-process which translates into more precise, more timely and faster deliveries
  • Analysing and processing all operations associated with shipping and trips in order to increase productivity and find out possible savings; this software also calculates:
  1. empty runs
  2. tolls
  3. mileage transportation and truck cost (each stop or run)
  4. CO2 emissions and other pollutants

[SMA.I.L:) Billing]


SMA.I.L:) Billing determines the invoice to be issued based on service delivered in relation to the billing management. Designed for 3PL service providers, SMA.I.L:) Billing allows management of different pricing policies: applied by customer or expiry date.

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