WMS SMA.I.L:) StockSystem®


Warehouse Management System

StockSystem®  is the WMS of SMA.I.L:SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS suite to provide logistic flows management, productivity and efficiency growth, costs and errors reduction and warehouse logistics performance optimization.

It combines the most innovative and reliable technology in the field of logistics such as:  Voice, Pick2LightAIR e RFID.

SMA.I.L:) StockSystem seamlessly integrates with the major ERP systems through standard interfaces or specifically developed integration modules.

Roadmap StockSystem®

Lauch of WMS StockSystem 

Add-on Voice to manage voice synthesis and recognition technology

Lauch of StockSystemEvolution, released with Microsoft.NET

Microsoft Gold certification

Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) WMS validation


SMA.I.L:) Pick2LightAIR add-on sort, pick & put to light wireless system

SMA.I.L:) Yard Management System add-on to manage and control vehicles in the yard

SMA.I.L:) WMS Analytics,  add-on, the Business Intelligence module

SMA.I.L:) Delivery, add-on, the shipping planning module
StockSystem release Android compatible
Major release StockSystem developed in web technology.

StockSystem  is a standard and international product.
The same comprehensive version of product is widely deployed  by over 600 companies fand is set up accordingly to all of them thanks to its flexible software architecture and easy configuration settings complying with any industry-related need.

Replica Sistemi has been chosen by

[Supporting Technology]

Comprehensive hardware and software solutions to suit any system integration project comprising wiring and radio-frequency infrastructure, handheld and Voice devices, RFID and Mobile technologies as well as integration with LGV, automated storage and retrieval, labelling and printing systems.



  • reduced checking time;
  • put away and order picking;
  • cycle counting.


  • stock accuracy and shipping errors;
  • real-time control;
  • fast order preparation and dynamic locations picking;
  • warehouse operators performance monitoring.


  • controlling tools (KPI);
  • statistics dashboard;
  • transparency and traceability of all logistic processes.

Operating costs:

  • optimization of warehouse space;
  • automation of repeated procedure;
  • elimination of paper-driven operations.


  • accuracy and control in receiving goods;
  • reduced order picking and shipping errors.


StockSystem is:


A state of the art interface offers all users a variety of graphical features to support any operation: 3D views of warehouse and shelves give the real feeling of being between the aisles and graphics provide “at glance" information about the available locations.


It easily adapts to a wide range of warehouses and requirements: storage and warehouse structures, materials and peculiarities, movements criteria etc. Users benefit from full flexibility in tuning the system through extensive sets of parameters and in data transfer.


It provides the ability to cover highly complex warehouse and logistic routines making it possible to simultaneously manage, view and control different companies, also to print customized reports for single or group of companies, helping optimize all warehouse operations.


StockSystemEvolution® can handle multiple languages. According to the role-based views each user logging into the system has their own username and password which determine both session language and accessible functionalities.

Case History
Marchesi De' Frescobaldi
Case History
Fercam Spa
Case History
Coop. Cartai Modenese S.C

StockSystem WMS provides standard features enabling companies to manage all e-commerce requirements relating with the warehouse and the online sales.
Thus, this Replica Sistemi solution provides fast and simple management of all the main processes that e-commmerce demands.

[Software Architecture]

  • Microsoft .NET and Framework 3.5 technology
  • Access to the local network and the Internet through Web Services and direct access to the database using the HTTP protocol from any remote workstation
  • Client-Server architecture for the management of radio-frequency terminals developed in Java

SMA.I.L:) StockSystem Statistics Dashboard is a useful tool for those who must assess the profitability of the warehouse because it allows controlling all warehouse logistics processes: entrances, exits, stock, occupation and performance.

Reports and graphic indicators allow the analysis of logistics activities to assess the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the management of goods flows and information to maximize customer service and reduce company costs.

[Open Hardware Architecture]

  • Simple integration with LGV, automated warehouse and end of-line systems.
  • Possibility of using any brand of radio-frequency terminal.
  • Open to new technologies: Barcode, Voice, RFID e Mobile.

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