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Transportation Management System

ShowTrip is the Transportation Management System of the SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS suite offering comprehensive control of all information processes associated with the accounting and planning of a transportation company.

This solution is specifically designed for trucking companies and provides full desktop-environment functionalities for the management of maritime, air, rail and road shipping and private or third-party fleet needs (groups, 3PLs groups, consortia, cooperatives and companies managing single truck-owners).

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Launch of TMS ShowTrip 

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ShowTrip is a standard Transportation Management System (TMS) used by more than 100 Trasportation companies.

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Main processes managed by theTransportation Management System (TMS) ShowTrip:

Decision making process

Decision making process is about:

  • developing the most efficient transportation plan;
  • choosing the best carrier;
  • loading and trips optimization .

Executive process

Executive process is about:

  • managing the fleet (owned or third parties’);
  • choosing the best carrier;
  • the Real Time Track & Trace.

Administrative process and monitoring

Administrative process and monitoring is about:

  • Invoicing Document mangement and KPI analysis


ShowTrip is:


The innovative graphical interface simulates the typical bordereaux to help logistics traffic managers enter and manage data easily. It is connected to maps and mileage tracking to improve shipping optimization and reduce empty runs. The double-screen view allows to control, group and manage orders, to choose the best shipping-unit or the best way to handle shipping planning.


ShowTrip adapts to different types of transportation and modes required by the company without the need for customization:

- full truckload and groupage;

- Part load and express couriers;

- private fleets, cooperatives and companies operating independent owneroperators;

- road transportation and complex multimodality


SIt supports complex working environments providing centralized management (same database) of shipping units from diverse companies. Units are arranged as if they belonged to one comprehensive fleet while remaining separate accountings.


ShowTrip® is available in multiple languages. Each operator working on the system uses a username and password to log in and simultaneously upload associated language or available functionalities. Through proper tuning, ShowTrip® processes and delivers the whole administrative documentation required in the chosen language.

Its modern graphic interface simulates the classic paper bordereaux to make data entry and management user-friendly for traffic managers.

The systems supports the use of a double-screen by traffic managers allowing to control, group, prepare shipping orders in addition to assign, simulate and decide the best transportation-unit to be selected or the best way for organizing new trips.

ShowTrip® is connected to cartographic and kilometer calculation environments to simplify the optimization of shipments or highlight the empty runs; it is integrated with the main satellite geolocation systems (FMS) on the market and allows the user to know precisely the positions of vehicles and the location of loading and unloading sites, managing traffic based on effective data rather than assumed information.

IShowTrip® interfaces perfectly with the most popular ERP and EDI systems: the TMS receives detailed information related to trips (in a variety of formats and protocols, such as .pdf, .xls, .rtf, .txt and .xml) for the accounting alignment connected to the DDT (waybills) final or pro-forma invoices to be issued.

Using a specific Java applet integrated with the shipments planning, it is able to register information coming from telephones based on Symbian or Windows mobile technology to manage the proof of delivery.

The integrated, flexible and complete tax management allows the completion of the information flow related to shipments and trips by performing automated invoicing without redundant data entry operations. In companies formed by subsidiaries, it manages invoicing triangulation while, in consortia and cooperatives, it automates calculation, numbering, issuing and printing of passive pro-forma invoices.


Operators productivity increased:

  • 15% time reduction in truck /shipment assignment process
  • 33% time reduction and productivity increase by sharing info information to cut input redundancy
  • better balance of fleet management, administration and sales department workload.

Share with the traffic dept. staff all information related to shipping planning and vehicle assignment..

Timely and constant control of order Invoicing, comprising remote subsidiaries.

Choose the best transport mode, trucking company, vehicle or routing through advanced simulation functions.

Reduce delays in invoicing.

Reduce empty runs of private fleets.

Improve the level of service without raising operators

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