ERP SG400®w4


Vertical solution for wine industry in AS/400 environment

SG400®w4 is an ERP solution whose capabilities meet the requirements of all firm departments in an integrated way: finance, production, dispatch, marketing and human-resources; this solution allows to jointly plan and manage the main activities of a company.

It is a modular, flexible and steady ERP solution that offers a wide range of fully integrated functions for the automation of the company processes.

This application that helps people perform their jobs quickly and efficiently and gives companies the flexibility they need to find to new opportunities and grow their businesses.


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The SG400®w4 management part of the application interfaces with IBM's administrative solutions and the most common international ERP packages.

SG400®w4 provides a series of verticalizations and specialized functions for the following sectors:

  • Wineries and distilleries
  • Farming groups and consortia

The installation of SG400®w4 allows end-users to benefit from:

  • comprehensive capabilities: broad coverage of the most highly demanding business areas, to stay ahead of the competition and to protect the investment;
  • modular structure: each area is stand-alone but, at the same time it communicates with the other ones. This allows users to satisfy their needs and improve their application with further upgrades;
  • open structure: this facilitates modifications and additions to meet the company specific needs;
  • ease of installation of programs, implementations and opening archives;
  • connectivity with the outside world.

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