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Pick2LightAIR is the add-on of the Suite SMA.I.L:)SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS that is integrated with the WMS StockSystemEvolution to manage workflows in the warehouse through the lights of mobile – wireless displays.

This technology is ideal for operations like sorting or putaway of received goods, sorting after multi-order picking (groupage), batch-picking or for typical e-commerce processes.

sort, pick & put to light wireless system

 No wired structures are required, it fits to already existing structures

 It’s wireless and low-power

 Self-configuring within 30 minutes

Wireless Display

The mobile display allows it to be positioned on a shelf or on a hand-truck depending on the chosen picking method.
Displays are embedded in a high-impact strength polycarbonate case easy to maintain. The frontal panel is one piece only to prevent dust particle or other infiltrations.
The 3 led-lights, red, yellow and green can be easily seen from both frontal and angular view-points.
In order to avoid robberies each device is equipped with a system disabling the functionality in case the unit is removed from its original position. There is also a security system specific for the batteries.
The installation of this device on shelves or hand-trucks is ensured by a magnet.

Wireless display features

  • Wireless signal coverage (outdoor) 100 mt
  • Big display 42 x 24 (1008 p) with high contrast easily readable
  • 3 leds: red, yellow and green – easy to see
  • 3 buttons whose configuration is set from the software
  • "Low Bat" message on the display
  • Removable batteries (2 AA), average life 4-5 years
  • Dimensions (L xH xS): 96,5 millimeter x 40 mm x 32 mm

Top flexibility anywhere

Mobile displays: you decide where and how to place your light-displays

  • No fixed shelving or wired hardware is required.
  • Workability is not limited by location quantity or dimension.

Pick2LightAIR is the ultimate system which enables at once putaway of goods, sorting of multiple orders picking (groupage), batch and mini-batch picking or operating with typical e-commerce rationale.

Easier and faster than ever

Installing Pick2LightAIR takes 30 minutes

Light-displays perform the configuration by themselves through the association with the selected hand-truck or shelf, while the wireless low power technology allows 2 common AA batteries to last 4-5 years.

An instantaneous visual impact: workers are taken to the location through Handheld or Voice devices and, looking at the light-display, they can immediately get the right quantity and the exact box for any product.

Access Point

The access-point receives data from the wireless unit which transmits them to the software in use. The access-point automatically connects to the wireless devices.
A kit for standard Wi-Fi connection is provided.

Access Point specs

  • Network speed: 10/100 Mbps
  • Wireless data rate: 10 kbps
  • Wireless signal coverage (outdoor): 100 mt
  • Firmware update via LAN

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