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Add-on for the telematic receipt of Excisable Goods Accompanying Documents from the Customs Office


Connect2ARC is a module by Replica Sistemi that manages telematic receipt of Excisable Goods Accompanying Documents from the Customs Office in a simple and fast way.

In 2011, the old paper Excisable Goods Accompanying Documents were substituted by the telematic version and since then all products under excise suspension, within EEC (European Economic Community), must be approved by the Telematic Service of the Customs Office.

Connect2ARC is a self-installing application that seamlessly integrates with Replica Sistemi’s DFDDogana (Customs Compliance and Management solution) or as Client with the existing ERP.

This module is specifically designed for businesses importing and exporting goods from EEC and ExtraEEC and for 3PLs managing such procedures for their international customers.

Connect2ARC provides strong reduction in terms of time and errors, whichmay occur due to the procedures required.

Operational procedure without Connect2ARC

L'operatore deve:

  • Connect to Customs Office web-site,
  • Enter credential ID,
  • Enter depot code,
  • Go through web pages menù,
  • Enter research filters of the ARC received,
  • Click onto the link to download the XML file
  • Save

Such manual procedures are all time and money consuming, in particular for those warehouses with lots of inbound Excisable Goods Accompanying Documents.

Operational procedure with Connect2ARC

Employee needs 1 click to

  • perform all these operations

Connect2ARC adopts Microsoft.NET technology, Framework 3.5.
Connect2ARC is easy to use thanks to an intuitive Toolbar.

Simple views allow users to search for received/sent Excisable Goods Accompanying Documents by connecting directly to Customs Office web-page. In addition to this, this module will also download the IE801 file displaying the ARC number (univocal number identifying the goods arriving to the bonded warehouse).

Following a brief demo of some functionalities of Connect2ARC by Maurizio Gallesi, DFDDogana Project Manager - Replica Sistemi.

Video DEMO

Connect2ARC - Replica Sistemi

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