DFD Dogana®


vertical application for the management of excise, customs, and VAT warehouses

DFDDogana® is Replica Sistemi's vertical software application for the management of excise, customs and VAT warehouses.

It is the ideal solution for companies that need in-house management of the accounting for excise/customs warehouses for the remote computer submission of tax and customs documents, to issue the following transport documents (DDT, DAA [Accompanying Administrative Document], XAB, CO, EUR1 and EU) and to track goods in the warehousebased on their customs and tax status.

It is specifically for companies that import and export goods of EEC and extra-EEC origin and for 3PLs who handle integrated logistics for their international customers.

Dogana® outputs registers and the required documents in both remote computer and printed for and directly interfaces with the Agenzia delle Dogane through the Internet platform. It can autonomously issue customs registers and bills, replacing the customs operator, and saves time and costs.

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Dogana® regulates all goods management in warehouses and conforms with customs regulations on the subject of:

  • customs warehouses for non-European Community goods with suspended customs duties and for the Community goods anticipated by the current regulations of the Community Customs Code (CCC);
  • tax warehouses for Italian and Community products with suspended excise taxes;
  • VAT warehouses for Italian and Community goods with suspended Value Added Tax.

Dogana manages: 

  • Basic archives.
  • Customs warehouses.
  • Suspended VAT warehouses.
  • Warehouses for products with excise taxes.
  • Interface for importing host transactions.
  • Issues documents connected with warehouse operations (DAA [Accompanying Administrative Document], DAU - Customs Bills).
  • Remote computer excise management/ DAA (Accompanying Administrative Document).
  • Remote computer customs management.
  • Prints tax registers.

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