TMS Controller - Workflows

Controller is a TMS (Transportation Management System) that allows to record contracts terms and conditions, reduce errors and time to check invoices, simulate estimates of transportation costs by destination and carrier or generate statistics and reports.

Terms and Conditions - Carriers

Controller® provides historical data of each customer through:

  • recording contracts terms and conditions associated with transportation costs;
  • conditions management by route, by range of miles, quantity, weight, volume;
  • estimate of minimum invoice value, customs costs, stops, extras in delivery.

[Simulation and estimate]

Controller runs simulations of each service to help choose the most competitive suppliers, develops specific reports to provide tenders and data to connect with the management control or with the major Decision Support Systems (DSS). Controller offers:

  • estimates registration;
  • possible simulations to help service providers choose the most suitable route.

[Pro-Forma invoice generation]

Invoice controlling operations are streamlined through pro-forma invoice generation per carrier or group; data obtained can be input in the accounting management for the registration of purchasing invoices in the account book. Controller provides:

  • pro-forma invoice management and calculation;
  • pro-forma invoice alteration;
  • la predisposizione all’esportazione verso host;
  • configuration for data exportation to host;
  • inclusion of accessorial charge upon service supplied.

[Tracking, anomalies and shipping status management]

Controller controls and manages processes and progress statuses. Settings from Host or Web applications are available for remote data entry. For Tracking it is possible to make use of WI-FI, GPRS, GPS, BLUETOOTH technologies.
Controller offers:

  • transit-point control by sender, addressee, ordering customer (in case of third party logistics) of order statuses, goods actually out for delivery, shipping units prepared, volumes and weights;
  • parcel traceability during the whole process via barcode scan: from warehouse to truck loading up to the final delivery;
  • management of pallet/case/roll;
  • traceability through vehicles timed-localization via GPRS by means of an handheld device installed on board.

Controller provides electronic data to:

  • goods sender;
  • customer placing the order (in case of third party logistics);
  • customer placing the order, addressee;
  • transit points.

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