TMS Controller®


Transportation Management System
Software for management and control of the transportation costs

Controller is Replica Sistemi's departmental software for the administration and control of the costs and performance of transport for multimodal (highway, maritime, air and rail) and/or multi-supplier shipments.

Controller provides a precise check-up of transport costs and the relative deliveries: trip planning, tariff agreements, invoice checking, delivery outcomes and performance.

It is a solution that is:

  • departmental: designed for the management and control of transport costs for companies that use third-party operators for shipping goods;
  • parameter-driven: it adapts to the customer's needs thanks to the special decision of standard interface modules that can be easily integrated with the major ERP systems on the market.

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Controller® allows implementing approval, authorization, control and tracking functions of flows, also through alerts via e-mail.

Tracking and the result of the delivery are managed in multi-channel mode; there are different ways for processing the data in real-time: directly on the portal using a browser, through electronic file exchange or Web-EDI, through structured e-mail, with software on mobile telephones or confirming SMS.

The multi-channel mode allows better management of:

The multi-channel mode allows better management of:

  • the activities of transit points and the distribution platform;
  • the traceability of goods with mobile and SMS systems;
  • calculating budgets;
  • interacting with transporters;
  • accounting for empty trips and waiting times at LOD.


Greater control of the supplier:

  • It stores and shares contractual conditions and structured data.
  • It manages transport tracking to constantly and precisely monitor the service received (KPIs): punctuality, delays, availability, etc.
  • It highlights exceptions (early/late delivery of loads, extra costs, anomalies, etc.).
  • It simulates transport costs in history for the verification, during the updating and proposal phase of a new price list, of the conditions just applied.

Greater internal control:

  • It defines the transport to be used and checks invoices and bonuses by transporter.
  • It highlights monthly costs and expense budgets.
  • It creates statistics and reporting.
  • It checks invoices.

Reduced times and costs:

  • It reduces the time needed for checking invoices and paper documentation, identifying the extra costs.
  • It eliminates non-specific tools (Word, Excel, Access) and paper documents to identify transporter rates./li>
  • It reduces low-value-added activities: data-entry, telephone calls, etc.

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