Replica Sistemi joins the Zucchetti Group

Zucchetti, major Italian software company in Europe, enters the logistics and transportation software industry through the acquisition of the majority stake of Replica Sistemi, which has been successfully leading that market for decades.

Zucchetti Group’s portfolio is constantly increasing through targeted acquisitions of highly specialized companies joining a group that achieves over €650 ML in revenue as the biggest italian software company in Europe.
Il Zucchetti Group serves 350.000 customers in 50 countries encompassing over 50 companies - fully acquired or subsidiaries - with an overall workforce of 4.700 people of which 1200 are committed to Research&Development.

Zucchetti Group - aiming to become a key player also in the field of logistics and transportion software - has acquired the majority of Replica Sistemi - company based in Curtatone (Mantova) - which has been operating in such market for about forty years carrying out more than 1,000 installations of the SMA.I.L:) – SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS - suite products.

Through the acquisition of Replica Sistemi, we continue to strengthen our group in the increasingly growing market of logistics and transportation” says Giorgio Mini, vice president of Zucchetti: “As always, when Zucchetti enters a vertical market the target is reaching the leadership in a short time; as a consequence it is crucial to gain skills and expertise from those who have been successfully working in this market for many years".

Also president of Replica Sistemi – Lorenzo Guaschino - expresses satisfaction with this agreement: "Joining Zucchetti Group is a great opportunity for Replica Sistemi as it will further ensure stable growth and future business continuity. This will also translate into more investment in developing both our software suite SMA.IL :) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS - which is already well-positioned in the market – and the integration of our solutions with Zucchetti products portfolio.

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