Italdenim, one of the most important Italian producer of denim fabric, decided to make its logistics flows more efficient and organize its shipments better. The well-known company has gone with StockSystem, a radio-frequency software package, to optimize its warehouse.
Italdenim was being penalized by manual warehouse management that was problematic, especially in the phase of receiving and locating the goods, recording information about the status of the pieces based on quality control and managing the combination in a single container - pallet or cage - of several pieces, even of different articles, while simultaneously tracking the information.
Thanks to Replica Sistemi, Italdenim achieved important results, making movement and inventory operations easier and controlling the status and exact location of pieces in real-time. “Today, we have the best possible management of goods handling,” says Luigi Caccia, Italdenim's Managing Director. “StockSystem identifies and manages the single pieces in the warehouse. The operators are guided in the performance of their work by hand-held computers and, through radio-frequency, their movements are automatically transmitted to the information, avoiding data-entry errors and wasted time.”
With the implementation of StockSystem, Italdenim's managers were able to demonstrate an improvement in the quality of service to customers, a reduction of errors and greater operator productivity.


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