The largest Italian ice cream company chose Replica Sistemi's software to make work in its cold rooms more efficient and increase its productivity. The difficulties that the company faced every day were those of making the work of its warehouse operators easier and more functional in cold rooms whose temperatures were as low as 35 °C, damaging equipment and obstructing human working movements. “At first, we decided to adopt StockSystem, Replica Sistemi's software for warehouse logistics management that uses radio-frequency and automatically transmits data to the management system,” explained Walter Barini, Sammontana's Director of Logistics. “However, there was one problem left to confront: the difficult environmental conditions in the cold rooms to which the operators were subjected. For this reason, we decided to add StockVoice terminals to the system to allow our employees to use just their voice to talk with the information system and, thus, speed up picking.” With the new voice management system, Sammontana's managers were able to demonstrate about a 20% increase in productivity, a 15% reduction in errors and improved conditions for working in low temperatures.


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