A work environment that maintains a constant temperature of - 35 °C and handling peaks during the summer with the shipment of more than 3,000 pallets a day: these are the challenges to be confronted those who accompanied Sammontana in the process of optimizing its logistics. In 2005, the company, which specializes in ice cream, bakery and pastry products, selected Replica Sistemi's StockSystem solution, a warehouse management software package that uses radio-frequency to collect and process data from the label on the pallet. After the initial optimization phase, the entire logistics process was improved thanks to the implementation of a solution created through the partnership of Vocollect and Replica Sistemi, the result of integrating voice terminals from the first with the second's StockVoice system. After just one day of training, Sammontana's operators were ready to use the new system in its two Empoli and Vinci warehouses: after the initial test phases, the result was an increase in productivity during full operation of 20% and a 15% reduction of errors. A thrilling result.


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