May 27th 2014 at 2 pm

The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice

Work faster with Hands-free, Eyes free!

Venetian Palace

Tomtom Kaptan Sokak, 5
34433 - Beyoğlu Istanbul

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Replica EMEA, Obase and Zetes have introduced the solution that will change the future of warehouse logistics: the VOICE.

During the event, picking operations have been performed using the voice technology.

During the event, picking operations have been performed using the voice technology .

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Errors cut
  • Optimized operating costs
  • Effective and fast ROI

Replica EMEA - new established company resulting from the joint venture between Replica Sistemi, european leading provider of WMS applications and Obase, major Turkish company delivering value - added applications for retail management - in collaboration with ZETES, international leading system integrator specializing in voice recognition and voice synthesis applications, organized an event in Venetian Palace, in the beautiful seat of the Consulate General of Italy in Istanbul, to find out and try the innovative solutions that will grow your business and profitability.


Post Event: The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice

May 27, 2014 Replica EMEA - in collaboration with Obase and Zetes – has held the event: “The Future Warehouse is managed by Voice” to introduce the Voice technology which increases productivity, simplifies and streamlines logistics operations.

Obase General Manager Bulent Dal and Replica Sistemi Export Manager Luca Venturini have welcomed the attendees and introduced Replica EMEA, the new established company resulting from the joint venture between Replica Sistemi, european leading provider of WMS applications and Obase, major Turkish company delivering value - added applications for retail management.

Replica EMEA purpose is spreading and distributing in Turkey the voice technology integrated with StocksystemEvolution®, WMS specifically designed to operate this technology.

Zetes Senior Vice President - Mr. Marcel Kars - has then taken the floor; Zetes is an international leading system integrator specializing in voice recognition and voice synthesis applications having successfully carried out over 1.000 Voice-technology projects in businesses all around the world.
Enhanced Productivity, Efficiency, Accuracy, Manageability & Training, Safety & Ergonomics are driven by the Voice technology as warehouse operators can work with hands and eyes free, doing their job faster, simpler and more accurate.

Replica Sistemi Development Manager – Mr Francesco Gozzi – has finally shown how to really maximize performances with the Voice technology, that is Integrating it with a specifically designed Voice-directed WMS, such as StockSystemEvolution.

Optimizing warehouse processes enables any company to grow its business providing improved level of service and reduced cost of ownership.

The event came to a conclusion with the live demonstration of the operating Voice technology system.

Program: Event full planning. Building the future Supply Chain

Attendee registration and welcome coffee

Welcome and Introductions of Replica EMEA
Bulent Dal, Obase General Manager Luca Venturini, Replica Sistemi Export Manager

Voice: the future of the warehouse
Atilla Yildiztekin, Zetes Senior Vice President Market Expansion

Coffee Break

StockSystemEvolution: the WMS of the future
StockSystemEvolution: the WMS of the future Francesco Gozzi, Replica Sistemi Logistics Development Manager

Q & A

Voice - live demo


Bülent Dal

Obase General Manager

Ph D. Bülent Dal, General Manager of Obase and is one of the founders of Obase that was established is 1995 for acquiring software and consaltancy services.
He completed his under graduate studies in Istanbul Technical University in 1991, and then received his graduate and post graduate degrees from Istanbul Technical University System Analysis and Istanbul University Business Management Departments.
He has received his Ph D. with the thesis that he prepared on ‘Data Warehouse’ subject at Computer Sciences Engineering Department of Istanbul University in 1999. He is still working as a member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Obase.

Luca Venturini

Luca Venturini (°1961) is the Export Manager of Replica Sistemi since December 2011.

Luca joined Replica Sistemi Group in 1995 starting out as a salesman focusing on the booming communication technology and leading Replica’s internet service provider unit two years later. In 2000 Luca was promoted to Major Account Manager.
His extensive expertise in transportation especially, and logistics, rose in a few years the transportation product-line to the top of such a difficult market. Having always shared Replica Sistemi’s methodology and challenging spirit, made Luca the best candidate for bringing the Group’s Ideas, products and know-how in foreign countries.
In 2011 Replica Sistemi decided to approach the Turkish market, so Luca was promoted to Export Manager and selected Obase from a long-list of potential Turkish partners.
Now he lives in Turkey to follow the ramp-up period of Replica Emea, the newco established to play a key role in Turkey delivering innovative and affordable technologies for warehouse logistics, like Voice-based solutions.

Marcel Kars

Marcel Kars (°1967) is Zetes’ Senior VP Market Expansion since October 2013.

Marcel joined the Zetes Group in 2002 to start the Zetes’ Voice organization and business as Competence Unit Manager of Zetes Voice. In this position he succeeded in making the Zetes Voice business grow to a € multi-million market and in making the Zetes Group the leading pan-European Voice system integrator.
In 2004, Marcel was appointed Business Unit Manager of all Zetes 3i Competence Centers.
In 2007 he became Zetes’ Vice President 3i – Voice, RFID, Print & Apply – Competence Centers. In 2010 he was promoted as Senior VP for Central Europe. Prior to his current function at Zetes, Marcel was Zetes’ Senior VP Sales & Marketing.
Before Marcel Kars joined Zetes in 2002, he worked for two other Voice Solutions manufacturers.
From 1998 until 2002 he worked as Sales Manager at Syvox Europe and from 1994 until 1998 he was Manager European Operations at CompuSpeak.
Marcel Kars holds a degree in Business Logistics from the National Transport Academy in Venlo (The Netherlands).

Francesco Gozzi

Francesco Gozzi (°1972) is the Logistics Development Manager of Replica Sistemi since January 2003.

Francesco joined Replica Sistemi Group in 1997 as software programmer of the WMS unit of Replica Sistemi, and in one year his knowledge of the product and warehouse operations led him to the role of Project Manager.
During the 1998 all projects assigned to Francesco were carried out successfully with full customer satisfaction.
For this reason and his ability in managing human resources in January 2003 he was appointed as Logistics Development Manager heading the whole Software Design and Development unit of Replica Sistemi. His extensive experience at Replica Sistemi in analyzing, planning and developing allowed him to drive the transition to the latest advanced release of Replica Sistemi’s WMS application, StockSystemEvolution.
In 2005 he strongly supported also the design, development and launch of Replica’s voice-based warehouse application: StockVoice.
Now he leads his staff in servicing and supporting over 750 customers with full satisfaction continuing to explore the market to keep pace with the best fitting technology and leverage Replica Sistemi’s products efficiency.


Tom Tom Kaptan Sokak, 5 - 34433 Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Venetian Palace

seat of the Consulate General of Italy in Istanbul, is located in the district of Beyoğlu.

The ancient palace, former Embassy of the Serenissima Republic and current residence of the Ambassador of Italy, was built in the sixteenth century.


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