october 27th 2010


Fercam Padua: logistics and innovation by VOICE

Fercam Spa

Via Inghilterra 10
35127 Padova (PD)

Fercam, the ideal partner for 360° logistics and transport solutions, is opening the doors of its warehouse at the Padua Freight Village to demonstrate the high productivity and efficiency achieved with the use of voice technology and software for customs warehouse management.

Located in an extremely busy production and commercial area with a strong vocation for exports, the logistics structure is very active and offers an extremely precise and punctual organization which provides cross-docking services, handles maritime and air shipments and integrated logistics.

The StockVoice solution, which has been operating for years in various FERCAM warehouses, is ideal for the management of warehouse processes. The high level of service provided to customers and the cost containment achieved through the use of Replica Sistemi's WMS, allowed FERCAM to concentrate on its core business, i.e., the optimization of huge flows of goods and information, handled precisely, flexibly and effectively!

Fercam has also adopted Replica Sistemi's DFD Dogana solution, which is ideal for the management of customs activities, thanks to the completeness of its functions and perfect integration with the StockVoice WMS, in this way intensifying connections between the major Italian and European business centers and new potential markets of the East.

The meeting was addressed by Marcello Corazzola, Director of FERCAM's Italian Logistics and Distribution Division, and Maurizio Ghiselli, Replica Sistemi's Logistics Line Manager, who explained the steps and excellent results, in terms of productivity and resource savings, deriving from the installation and use of voice technology and the software application for the management of customs warehouses, integrated with the WMS.

In the second part of the afternoon, the attendees took a guided tour of the logistics structure to see how the warehouse operators perform their duties precisely with hands and eyes free.

The October 27th event at the Padua warehouse is the third stop on this circuit offered by FERCAM and Replica Sistemi to provide a close-up look at the organizational and technological innovations that have improved the performance of the warehouse. The last event will be held at the Prato structure on November 17, 2010.

Two not-to-be-missed afternoons spent in the warehouse learning about good logistics!

Program: Event full planning. Building the future Supply Chain

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The logistics operator: FERCAM's organization
Marcello Corazzola
Director of FERCAM's Italian Logistics and Distribution Division

the concrete solution for warehouse management
Maurizio Ghiselli
Replica Sistemi's Logistics Line Managers

Coffee break

Warehouse tour


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