semptember 22nd 2010

FERCAM BOLOGNA: Logistics tours for gaining efficiency and reducing costs

Fercam: logistics and innovation by VOICE

Hotel Marconi

Hotel Marconi
Via Trasversale di Pianura, 2
40010 Bentivoglio BO

Fercam, the ideal partner for 360° logistics and transport solutions, is opening the doors of its warehouse at Bentivoglio (BO) to demonstrate the high productivity and efficiency achieved with the use of voice technology.

Replica Sistemi's StockVoice solution for the warehouse processes organization reduced management costs and improved the level of service offered by Fercam.


Replica Sistemi and Fercam: logistica e innovazione ad alta VOiCE

September 24, 2010, Curtatone (MN) - On September 22, 2010 in Bentivoglio at the Bologna Freight Village, Replica Sistemi, in collaboration with Fercam, organized the event “Logistics tours for gaining efficiency and reducing costs”. FERCAM: logistics and innovation by VOICE

Pietro Spirito, Director of the Bologna Freight Village, welcomed the more than seventy managers who attended the meeting. During his introductory message, he praised those logistics operators that, despite the crisis, are continuing to invest in technological innovation because they consider it an indispensable means of recovering efficiency and implementing intermodality.

In the first part of the event Marcello Corazzola, Director of the Italian Logistics and Distribution Division of FERCAM, described his company, which has been serving the market since 1949.
It was founded as “Azienda di Carrelamento Ferroviario,” which is the origin of the name FERCAM, with 5 trucks and, today, its has a fleet of more than 2,200 vehicles, employs more than 1,800 persons, including employees and warehouse manpower, distributed in 35 branches in Italy, 18 in Europe and one in Africa, with over 650,000 square meters of warehouse space.

Fercam is a logistics operator and, with important references in all merchandise sectors, it needs a high-performance warehouse management system that can be configured to the needs of each customer. In StockSystem Evolution, it found a concrete standard solution that can be parameterized to the needs of each target.
Thanks to investments in state-of-the-art technologies, Fercam provides its customers tracking and tracing services for both logistics and transport flows. In addition, it offers value-added services, such as the management of customs and VAT warehouses and tax paperwork and forecasts constant growth even in the next five years.

He then introduced Maurizio Ghiselli, Replica Sistemi's Logistics Line Manager, who explained the functions of the software applications installed at Fercam: StockVoice, pfor warehouse management integrated with voice synthesis and recognition technology and DFD Dogana for the management of customs, excise and VAT warehouses.

After a brief coffee break, the attendees went to FERCAM's logistics center at the Bologna Freight Village and had a close-up look at warehouse operations conducted with extreme precision and speed to provide punctual service to each customer.
The tour of the structure was perfectly organized and led by several operators who, in addition to a practical demonstration, explained the functions of the integrated systems for planning the stocking and picking of goods and answered the questions asked by professionalism.

Program: FERCAM BOLOGNA: Logistics tours for gaining efficiency and reducing costs

Attendee registration

Welcoming greetings
Pietro Spirito
Director of the Bologna Freight Village

The logistics operator: FERCAM's organization
Marcello Corazzola
Director of FERCAM's Italian Logistics and Distribution Division

La sthe concrete solution for warehouse management
Maurizio Ghiselli
Replica Sistemi's Logistics Line Managers

Coffee break

Warehouse tour

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