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Since 1980 Replica Sistemi has been specializing in the design and development of logistics and transportation management software solutions and ERP.

Replica Sistemi is a company specializing in the design and implementation of integrated software applications compatible with the most advanced Voice, RFID, Mobile and Satellite Geolocation technologies.

Replica Sistemi was founded in 1980 to overcome organizational shortcomings in the management of material flows and related data in the warehouses and to manage transportation planning tasks. Today it delivers complete and integrated solutions for the Supply Chain management.

Replica Sistemi has grown significantly paying close attention to customers' requirements: on-going dialogue with users and constant investment in R&D for ICT solutions allow Replica Sistemi to meet and anticipate market needs and continuously enhance its products


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In over thirty years Replica Sistemi has consistently developed solidity, expertise and knowledge of the market sectors in which it operates, whilst maintaining a young and dynamic attitude to meet the challenges of tomorrow with optimism and passion.

Replica Sistemi offers a complete range of software solutions (Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Proof of Delivery,

Custom & Fiscal Management - Bonded Warehouse, ERP) to maximize the efficiency of companies that have undertaken strategic processes of growth and internationalization of their businesses by improving their levels of service and creating competitive advantages.

Over 1.000 firms and more than 40,000 users in Italy and abroad have implemented Replica Sistemi's solutions for the management of their logistics processes. Replica Sistemi improves the level of customer service by following the model of the Italian successful medium-sized company: quality, specialization, passion, creativity. Replica Sistemi drives the customers through the strategic planning of the Business Processes to gain competitive advantages and measure the results achieved.

Core Values and Commitment

  • [People]

    People are above any Replica Sistemi's strategy and decision: individual capabilities are key to the success of the business, each with their own role, passion and professionalism.
  • [Products]

    Replica Sistemi products deliver rapid return on investment: reduced errors, improved productivity and increased customers profitability.
  • [Services]

    Replica Sistemi offer also professional services for the implementation of integrated systems with high value-added.
  • [Innovation]

    Investments in research and technological development improve the performance of people and products.
  • [Specialization]

    Over thirty years of experience and know-how in logistics and transportation IT and business information systems.
We help our customers stayng ahead of the competition with successful strategies, providing software applications for efficient warehouse performances and improved logistics processes.

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