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Replica Sistemi is an organization of 150 people consisting of analysts, programmers and support personnel working with the sales, marketing and administrative staff to provide customer service and on-time project delivery. 

Customers' life-cycle is covered in all aspects by marketing activities aimed at improving customer satisfaction through dialogue and assessments. 

Replica Sistemi follows the customers through every step of the sales process, starting from the analysis to define the project's most suitable architecture; a comprehensive support package is provided through the on-going maintenance service to assist customers during and after the start-up phase.

To keep pace with changes in technology and to ensure that a competitive edge is maintained, new features and additional modules are regularly being added to StockSystemEvolution.

Replica Sistemi's expertise and reliability create value and satisfaction for companies striving for competitive, successful market strategies.

In addition to the products quality, Replica Sistemi's success also depends on service and skills transferred to Customers thanks to strong partnerships established with them. 

People have always been Replica Sistemi's added value. People are above any company's strategy or decision as we know the individual capabilities are key to the succes of our business: each with their own role, passion and professionalism. We train and help our personnel to face any change or challenge and to grow by enhancing talent and skills.
Lorenzo Guaschino. President of Replica Sistemi

Lorenzo Guaschino

Chairman & CEO

Ferruccio Montresor

General Manager

Claudio Caprari

Logistics Solution Architect

Francesco Gozzi

Logistics & Transportation Development Manager

Francesca Guaschino

Sales & Marketing Manager

Roberta Gradella

Accounting & Finance Manager 


Ivan Novellini

Senior Account Manager 

Maurizio Ghiselli

Senior Account Manager

Antonino Piroddi

Account Manager South Italy

Massimo Giacomazzi

Account Manager

Giorgio Bonacini

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Delivery Manager

Riccardo Galletto

Technical Support Manager

Federica Ferretti

Sales & Purchasing Specialist

Luca Santoni

Service & Support Hardware Manager


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