Replica Sistemi introduces SMA.I.L:) Yard Management System for the organization and control of the vehicles stopping and passing through the yards.

Development of the interface for the integration of SMA.I.L:) StockSystem wms with Zucchetti Infinity platform.

Replica Sistemi presents the two add-ons SMA.I.L:) WMS Analytics and SMA.I.L:) TMS Analytics, strong Business Intelligence tools to boost both SMA.I.L:) StockSystem wms and SMA.I.L:) ShowTrip tms performances.

Replica Sistemi enters the Zucchetti Group in Decembe

Replica Sistemi receives the official validation from Microsoft. The integration between Replica Suite 1.0 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now certified.

Replica Sistemi organizes the first in-house logistics-management educational program for Project Manager aimed at training young or recent graduates and eventually recruiting resources as Junior Project Managers.


Replica Sistemi and BMS (SAP's center of excellence - part of the Var Group - with a focus on company organizational systems) - announce their new strategic partnership by establishing a Business Unit dedicated to the development of supply-chain projects based on SAP EWM.

Replica Development gains corporate independence trading as Ergo Software Srl and maintaining the strategic partnership with Replica Sistemi to offer advanced logistics and transport management solutions.

Replica Sistemi launches SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS – the innovative Software Suite by Replica Sistemi, WMS & TMS together help manage more efficiently, seamlessly and easily all operations along the Supply Chain.

Replica Sistemi introduces 2LightAIR">Pick2LightAIR, innovative sort, pick & put to light wireless system which integrates with StockSystemEvolution WMS.

Replica Sistemi presents NAV Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV suite of applications enhancing ERP performance.

StockSystemWeb is launched at the beginning of the year, this add-on enables connecting to StockSystemEvolution via web-interface.

At the beginning of the year Replica Sistemi has acquired the first customers of the two brand new ERP solutions: Ergo Mobile EnterpriseERP available on tablets, smartphones, notebooks or PCs and Ergo Online, cloud-based application allowing to cut the costs associated to the hardware and software supply. It only requires a device (such as PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone) and the internet access, then it is available with a fixed monthly fee on the basis of the actual needs.  .

27 January 2014: establishment of Replica EMEA aiming at playing a key role in Turkey in the logistics execution software industry through the most advanced technology applied to the management of all logistics processes.

January 1st, 2013: GO LIVE of the first Nav-Wine project at the Ornellaia estate of the Marchesi de' Frescobaldi.

Vocollect sets Replica Sistemi at the highest level of partnership: Total Solution Provider Platinum Level.

StockSystemEvolution WMS got the warehouse logistics.com validation seal by the Fraunhofer Institute for quality-certification of software applications in the material flow and logistics areas.

Replica Sistemi awarded “Market Development Partner of the year 2012” by Vocollect, recognized for acquiring the highest number of New Name Customers in 2012. 

Replica Sistemi launches the first and only iPad app that can control the logistic flows managed by StockSystemEvolution, to have always and everywhere the stock at ... fingers!
Vocollect rewards Replica Sistemi - Best New Logo Partners for the largest number of new customer contacts made ​​in 2011.

Replica Sistemi holds a strategic partnership with the Tesi Group aims to offer the market a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge software applications for control of the entire supply chain.

Replica Sistemi launches Ergo Mobile Sales for iPad.

Replica Sistemi with the client Bally exports technology in America, China and Japan.The partnership with Eos Solutions, born Replica Solutions that distributes and implements ERP software Nav-Wine, vertical solution for the wine sector on the platform Microsoft Dyanmics Nav.

Replica Systems signs a gentlemen's agreement with Obase, a turkey leader  in development ERP for the Retail sector, to offer the Wms StockSystemEvolution in Turkey.

Replica Sistemi celebrates thirty years in business.

Replica Sistemi implemented its first RFID project for Marchesi Antinori to track several high-range products.

Replica Sistemi obtained certification of the interface between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and StockSystem Evolution: an important victory in Replica Sistemi's strategic internationalization process.

In pursuit of its internationalization strategy, Replica Sistemi formed an alliance with Microsoft and integrated StockSystem Evolution with Microsoft Dynamics solutions, also beginning the process of certifying the interface. Directly and through carefully selected partners, RECAP, a company formed at the end of 2008, offers the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform integrated with the StockSystemEvolution software package, the ideal solution for quickly supporting the potential of businesses thanks to an integrated, international and verticalized management system for its various merchandise sectors.

Replica Sistemi signed a partnership agreement with Transics International NV, which develops and sells satellite geolocation systems. Transics integrates perfectly with ShowTrip, a departmental software application for the advanced management of fleets for transport companies.

Replica Sistemi inaugurated its new headquarters in Curtatone, Province of Mantua, and in-line with its strategies to provide coverage throughout the country, opened a new branch in Senigallia, Province of Ancona, to support the new Area Managers that will provide complete coverage of Italy.

Replica Sistemi launched DFD Dogana, departments software for the management customs, excise and VAT warehouses, with the first installation at its customer Martini & Rossi SpA.

Replica Sistemi founded Recap, a company resulting from the strategic decision to integrate Microsoft Dynamics management solutions with Replica Sistemi's software applications.

Replica Sistemi installed StockSystem at the Brazilian company Cosmideia Sistemas de Gestao LTDA, its first intercontinental customer.

At this time, Replica Sistemi launched a strategic process of internationalization by both acquiring new foreign customers and supporting the internationalization of production and logistics processes of its own customers (the La Fortezza Sudamerica SA Group, Ask Poland Sp. ZOO, etc.)

Replica Sistemi installed StockSystem at Bally Shoe Factories Ltd, its first Swiss customer.

Replica Sistemi signed a strategic partnership agreement with Vocollect and launched the StockVoice departmental application for advanced warehouse management based on voice-synthesis and recognition technology, installed for the first time at its customer Menù Srl.

On April 29, 2003, Replica Sistemi acquired Computer Services Srl of Chiusa (BZ) and founded Replica Development.

Replica Sistemi launched Ergo, a multi-company management application developed by Replica Development and installed for the first time at its customer Röfix SpA.

Replica Sistemi supported the internationalization process of several customers (Gucci, Frig Air France Srl, etc.) by installing StockSystem at several subsidiaries both in Europe and throughout the world.

Replica Sistemi changed its company name from Replica Sistemi Srl to Replica Sistemi SpA.

Replica Sistemi launched Controller, departmental software for the administration and control of highway, maritime, air and rail transport costs, installed for the first time at its customer Marcegaglia SpA.

Replica Sistemi launched ShowTrip, departmental software for the sophisticated management of fleets for transport companies, installed for the first time at its customer Movitrans Line Soc Coop Arl.

Replica Sistemi launched its departmental application StockSystem for advanced warehouse management based on radio-frequency technology. The first installation was at its customer Casoni Fabbricazione Liquori SpA.

It acquired the customer Concilio SpA (Vini Trentini) for its SG400 management application. At the end of the year, Buton SpA, a company of the Cinzano Group, became a customer.

Replica Sistemi joined Club ACG (an Italian acronym for Management Accounting Applications) sponsored by IBM,representing all the software houses that have developed specific vertical infrastructures for several merchandise sectors based on the AS/400 accounting system. Through Club ACG, Replica Sistemi expanded the distribution of its SG400 application to the winery and transport sectors throughout Italy.

First installation of SG400 (a vertical AS/400 application for wineries) at Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine SpA. The same year, it also acquired Kloster and La Badia.

Lorenzo Guaschino and Claudio Caprari founded Mantova Replica Sistemi Srl to develop vertical software solutions for the wine-making and transport sectors on the IBM PC and, since 1988, the AS/400 platforms.

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