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The Headquarter

Replica Sistemi is headquartered in Curtatone (MN), the new offices are designed and built to share those values nurturing the roots of Replica Sistemi.

The 2,500 sq/m of offices are characterized by an imposing structure dominated by glass and crossed by light, enlivened by materials and colors that enhance brightness and transparency.

A spacious and bright workplace. Each office is based on a well-studied design and a careful analysis of the available space. The various furnishing components are organized without sacrificing taste for design: a perfect synthesis of comfort, modernity and technology. There are furnished relaxation areas in which one can move and express oneself in complete freedom while sharing opinions and ideas with colleagues.

The new headquarters is immersed in the countryside and each season one enjoys a unique landscape with colors that animates the environment: the blue of the sky, the green meadows and plants which turn yellow and red in the fall, and the typical fragrances of the countryside.


The structure was designed to have low environmental impact and is equipped with a last-generation photovoltaic system.
Any office door is completely transparent because nothing has to be hidden from the outside and anyone has to be aware of what is changing outside.

Materials and systems are all based on the best technologies on the market. The heating and cooling systems are automatically activated with electric bus systems typical of the latest home automation.
Anyone at Replica Sistemi is equipped with state-of-the-art working tools.
The company network is highly protected to guarantee the highest occupational health and safety and to protect anyone’s privacy.

The resources with which the new headquarter was financed derive from the careful management of the company assets. It represents a precious value for both the company and those who work there.


    • Financially healthy, Honest and Transparent: Replica Sistemi is a reliable company that has been specializing in the software market for thirty years with honest and transparent relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.
    • Focus on people, freedom, sharing and enhancing the value of human resources.

      People have always been the real added-value of Replica Sistemi.

      At Replica Sistemi, people can freely express opinions and share ideas, building a mutually-supportive team spirit.

      The constant-stimulating environment is provided by professional courses and engagement in the business objectives.

    • Environmental conservation and protection, interaction with the community: Replica Sistemi is perfectly integrated with the environment and it dialogues with the social parties and representatives with interchange and enrichment that improve the quality of life. The company supports many charitable and social welfare initiatives in its area.
  • Replica Sistemi is attentive to the needs and legitimate expectations of its internal and external collaborators to improve their sense of belonging and satisfaction level.
  • It has a constant commitment to R&D to promote and pursue the maximum level of innovation in the achievement of its strategic objectives.
  • Replica Sistemi constantly allocates resources for the management of systems and procedures to ensure the maximum safety of its employees, community and environment.
  • These principles are also applied to any software products developed by the company and installed by the customers.

    Replica Sistemi is focused also on the efficiency, effectiveness and value of its management systems to constantly increase its profitability and competitiveness.

The new headquarters was opened in 2009 as a secure base for the future of the company that since the beginning has always adapted, in terms of time and space, to changing contests and situations.

The values that inspire the company translate into the structural solutions: covered by glass that gives an airy working atmosphere through the natural light (which also reduces the reliance on electricity to power lights) enlivened by materials and colors that exalt brightness and transparency with low environmental impact and enhanced by a latest-generation photovoltaic system.

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