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"The use of Voice technology has leveraged productivity and reduced errors. Operators working at -35° °C are equipped with gloves that make it impossible to handle hand-held devices, that’s why Voice terminals were chosen, to work with hands and eyes free allowing the picker to perfectly identify the box without any risk of wrong selection." 

Enrico Franchi - Sammontana IT Manager


Founded in Empoli in the 1940s as a small ice cream shop, today Sammontana SpA is the largest Italian ice cream producer, right behind the multinationals. Its success is the result of a constant commitment to creating ice creams with a typically Italian taste while ensuring the maximum quality.
Sammontana has grown constantly over the years. The company created from Romeo Bagnoli's dairy store, still run by the Bagnoli family, has become an organization with annual sales of Euro 250 million that, during the season, employs about 1,000 people in a production area of about 70,000 m².

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Sammontana SpA has implemented StockVoice for integrated warehouse logistics management using the most innovative Voice information technology. The company decide to adopt Vocollect vocal terminals integrated with the StockVoice system in its -35 °C cold room; Talkman terminals are not only resistant to the extreme temperatures in which the operators of a refrigerated warehouse work, but also allow them to use only their voices to communicate with the information system, speeding up picking thanks to the new Hands-Free, Eyes-Free method.       

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