Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Molino Quaglia Spa

Via Roma 6
Vighizzolo d’Este (PD)
Tel.: +39 0429 649110
Fax: +39 0429 99088

The Quaglias have been millers for 4 generations, a family born with knowledge of grain in its blood, which, in little more than a century transformed a small watermill into a state-of-the-art bread wheat milling plant.
Today, as yesterday, knowledge of grains and the ability to combine the most suitable selections to the characteristics of each flour is a strength without equal in Italy.
Every kernel of grain is intensively check, each phase of processing takes place in an absolutely hygienic environment where systems are cleaned frequently. Because the purity of the flour is an absolute value, with the old-fashioned flavor and cleanliness that only modern technology can guarantee.
The little toasting factory: a technological jewel where grain and flour acquire flavor and aroma following a proprietary high-temperature process in an environment that maintains the highest hygienic standards. Here, Molino Quaglia toasts wheat bran and germ to put back the most flavorful and nutritious parts of the kernel in its bakery products.
Personalization and standardization are the objectives of the Laboratory, the structure that provides R&D for new products designed to adapt the flour to the needs of its customers and guarantee their constant characteristics. Molino Quaglia SpA creates quality products by mixing technology and taste. It was the first Italian flour mill to build a plant for roasting grain, recognized as one of the most advanced in its class, with production of 4,000 q/24 hours.
In 2008, it was the first Italian industrial mill to construct a line to produce stone-ground bread wheat with a pure rich taste and easy to process.

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Molino Quaglia SpA has implemented the StockSystem solution to manage its warehouse logistics flows: goods receiving, stocking, internal handling, picking, inventory and shipments.

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