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Electrical, Electronics and Plumbing

Gruppo Giovannini Srl

With StockVoice we changed and enhanced our way to work because we used work in an “old-fashioned warehouse” managed by an ERP system. The new technology implemented by Replica Sistemi streamlines any phase as well as picking and putaway processes."

Michele Argenti - Responsabile CED Gruppo Giovannini Srl



Founded in Trento in 1942, Giovannini Materiali Elettrici Srl is now the parent company of a well-established organization covering Northeastern Italy and is one of the principal Italian distributors in the wholesale sale of electrical materials.

The Giovannini group includes Giovannini Materiali Elettrici Srl, META COMMERCIALE Materiali Elettrici Srl, CEA Materiali Elettrici Srl, MEL Materiali Elettrici Srl and Electro Self Materiali Elettrici Srl.


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Giovannini Group's management chose the StockSystem solution based on voice technology to further increase the efficiency of their logistics operations. StockSystem uses voice terminals to communicate directly with the management system.

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Gruppo Giovannini Srl

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