Mechanical Production

Mechanical Production

Fonderia di Torbole S.p.A.


Fonderia di Torbole develop, produce and sell brake discs and drums, castings and machined parts for the Automotive Market. One of the most modern foundries in Europe with a quality system assessed in compliance to the higher automotive market standards, Fonderia di Torbole is the ideal partner for co-design, production and supplying activities both for system suppliers and car makers.

Fonderia di Torbole has 284 employees, produce 100.000 tons/year and has 2 horizontal moulding lines.

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Fonderia di Torbole Spa use SMA.I.L:) StockSystem WMS to manage the warehouse logistics process for the production by the Replica Sistemi's Software Suite SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS.

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