Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation

Fercam Spa

"We have selected Replica Sistemi’s StockSystem as we needed to find a highly flexible and cost-effective WMS. The software’s aim was to be customizable to each customer of Fercam and suitable for any market sector as well. This is certainly the key aspect of StockSystem. During the first months Replica Sistemi stayed very close and supported us in all aspects. Let me say, a profitable and close collaboration for both of us."

Marcello Corazzola –  Director Logistics Division Fercam



In more than 60 years of company history, starting out as a small local haulier, FERCAM has become one of Europe´s integrated logistic leaders: an evolution set out with complete loads on road and rail, passed on to national and international road deliveries, followed by air and ocean freights, consolidated by the opening of numerous and large logistic centres, which today represent the hallmark of our offer.

Today, FERCAM is a 360° logistic operator who always has and will continue to constitute its strength by investing, conceiving and adapting itself in a very flexible way to the evolutive necessities of its company customers (mission).



Replica Sistemi Products and Services

Fercam Spa has implemented StockSystemEvolution to manage the warehouse logistics integrated with the most advanced technology available: Voice picking. Fercam has chosen Vocollect Voice technology integrated with StockVoice; the Talkman device allows operators to benefit from the simple use of their voice to communicate with the system, streamlining handling operations for faster picking activities with Hands-free and Eyes-free.

Fercam Spa has also installed the DFDDogana application to manage custom warehouses, tax warehouses and VAT warehouses.

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