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Va.Pa. S.r.l. born in 2012, it is a company dedicated to the marketing of mass market products and well-known brand detergents of the parallel market.

The latter managed to conquer in a short time, a growing slice of the southern market first and then national and international. VA.PA. is able to source on all international reference markets, drawing on the best offers for FMCG due to end of series, format change, promotional liquidations, offers and anything else that determines valid price differentials compared to the traditional market.

The natural commercial evolution has brought Va.Pa. to undertake an important development operation of its own brand for all product categories. This is how VAPA HOME & CARE was born, a brand that includes more than 400 references in all sectors of home hygiene and personal hygiene, becoming in a few years a leader in the sector of consumables for domestic use on the national and international market.

Thanks to the increase of numerous human resources, such as specialists and professionals and specialized structures, the work has been divided into three specific locations.

The latter will have at their disposal increasingly advanced personnel and technologies so as to be able to better serve the customer, placing them at the center of the VAPA world. The Marketing and Accounting office will be located in Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA), the purchasing office will be located in Guidonia Monticelio (RM), and the logistics office in Anagni (FR).

The latter will have a facility of 25,000 square meters, 33,000 pallet spaces and one of the best technological infrastructures on the market. Thanks to all this, in just 24/48 hours it will be possible to deliver the requested goods to the customer.




Emme Esse has implemented the StockSystem WMS to manage all logistics flows in the warehouse integrated to Voice technology and the EasYard YMS to manage all logistics flows in the yard.

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