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Food & Beverage

Concilio Spa

Concilio is one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in the Trentino, combining production linked to the local area and modern techniques.
Founded in 1860 by Angelo Grigolli, Concilio began production in Mori, a small village in the Province of Trento. The company grew over the years, other local companies joined it and, in 1990, Concilio assumed its current structure by incorporating a group of vineyard owners as shareholders.
Concilio produces quality wines with a definite style and decisive personality. The company makes skillful use of winery technology and the best marketing support, positioning itself as a leader in the field of wine production with an excellent value for the money and the ideal partner for both the Italian and international markets.

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Concilio SpA decided to trust Replica Sistemi to handle all its operational and management activities.
It implemented the StockSystem solution to manage warehouse logistics and the SG400 ERP application to manage corporate processes.

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