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Centro Casalinghi S.r.l was born in 1974 in the family Di Castri and is specialized in the wholesale sector of no food.
Landmark in southern Italy, Centro Casalinghi aims to expand itself on the national and international market by focusing on the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Centro Casalinghi has in its service a logistics platform of 50,000 square meter and a 4,000-square-meter-self-service shop, bringing together the full range of sales, divided into product categories and price range.

Centro Casalinghi ha a showroom where you can see 25,000 additional references of about 250 prestigious brands providers that provide a continuous supply and real-time undisputed quality products with competitive prices that allow Centro Casalinghi to position itself as a the leader of the best price with its own customers. PIP zone in the city of Francavilla Fontana, easily accessible along the SS 7-Brindisi Taranto to serve about 2,000 clients.

In order to give the best service to its customers, Centro Casalinghi sets up an organization that provides a direct sales network and a management along with a rich competence acquired over the years. This know-how enables to provide a constant and wide range of products with the best value quality / price ratio related to high-quality services which meet the different needs of customers through the use of instruments and processes at the forefront of the industry.

software implemented


Centro Casalinghi Srl has implemented StockSystem WMS (warehouse management system) by SMA.I.L:) platform of Replica Sistemi to manage all logistic flows in the warehouse. StockSystem WMS is integrated with Voice technology: the warehouse operators pick and pack with hands and eyes free.

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