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Bauli is one of the most famous brands for the production of bakery and confectionary products.
In 1927, Ruggero Bauli, a young Veronese pastry cook, emigrated to Argentina. In a few months, he found the road to his fortune; in fact, he opened a pastry shop and, after several years, had 40 employees. But his heart always longed for the city of his birth: Verona.
In 1937, Ruggero decided to return to Italy and, with his wife Zina, opened a workshop and his first store. Thanks to his experience, commitment and production of 5,000 pastries a day, he became the foremost pasty-maker in the city.
After the Second World War, Italy experienced an economic boom and Ruggero Bauli, already focused on the future, began producing Verona's traditional sweet: Pandoro. It was a winning idea. So, he began full production in 1953 with a 500-m² workshop and some twenty employees.
During the 1960s, the company grew quickly along with the rest of Italy. Innovation was the key and, thanks to the use of new production technologies combined with traditional tastes, Bauli established itself as a leading Italian company.
Bauli is passion and quality products and service.
Today, the Bauli name is associated with a moment of shared sweetness, pleasure, joy and tradition.

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Bauli SpA has implemented the StockSystemEvolution solution to manage its warehouse logistics flows: goods receiving, stocking, internal handling, picking, inventory and shipments.

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