Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation

Aster Coop Soc. Coop - Divisione Madimer


MADIMER FRIULI is a Division of Aster Coop and deals with the distribution of groupage in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Partner of the most important networks in the sector, but with strong local roots, it offers regional companies services for the storage, collection and forwarding of their products throughout the national territory.

The Madimer Division has created a cell organized like a real cellar with controlled temperature and humidity, where it is possible to store and refine wines for a total capacity of over 1.5 million bottles, identifiable exactly by type, lot and bottling date, through Stocksystem.

The cell has an area of ​​over 2,500 square meters. capable of containing about 3000 pallet places, kept at a constant temperature of 15.5 ° and with a humidity of 65%.

Today the Madimer Division can count among its customers, some of the most important names in the wine sector present in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the complete logistical management of the product.
The service includes the activities::

  • Inbound and outbound control
  • Absolute compliance with the product rotation logic according to a Fi –Fo or Li logic. Fo.
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Inventory situation updated in real time
  • Respect for punctuality of delivery
  • Ability to manage a capillary and multi-channel distribution
  • Strong focus on maintaining high levels of service
  • Accurate and timely management of the return
  • Ability to provide information on the outcome of the shipment
  • Flexibility and ability to manage problems on delivery
  • Distribution network already organized and structured
  • Expertise and knowledge in the wine sector
  • Certified monitoring of the product temperature, from its entry into the platform until confirmation of delivery


MADIMER FRIULI - Aster Coop Soc. Coop has implemented StockSystem WMS of the SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS Suite to manage logistic flows in all warehouses.

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