Case History [ 24 ]
Metalsistem Spa
The leading manufacturing company in steel structures for the industrial storage and advanced display solutions for shop furnishing, has installed StockSystemEvolution warehouse management system to improve the material handling along the production-lines and obtain an impressive lean manufacturing.
Partesa Srl - sede Lombardia
Distribution network specializing in the HoReCa channel Partesa Lombardia has chosen Replica Sistemi's solutions to manage warehouse logistics integrated with voice technology.
Riso Scotti Spa
The Scotti brand in Italy has always been synonymous with rice.
In 2004 Riso Scotti decided to re-engineer the manufacturing-warehouse eliminating manual operations implementing StockSystem, Replica Sistemi’s advanced solution for the warehouse management.
S.I.L.O. Spa - Gruppo CFT
SILO belongs to CFT Group operating within the national area. SILO SpA, Metro and Replica Sistemi, together, created the new Food Service Distribution in Siziano: an advanced structure, up with the times, with high specialization and great potentialities managed by StockSystemEvolution WMS of SMA.I.L:) -
Sammontana Spa
Italian ice-cream
An all-Italian company chooses StockVoice for picking in the -35°C cooling cells.

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