Case History [ 24 ]
Casa Vinicola Zonin Spa
Winegrowing estate
The winery par excellence uses StockSystem for tracking batches.
Caterline Spa
Company specializing in providing food and non-food products chosen by professional operators in healthcare – educational – small and mid-sized companies facilities as well as restaurants, hotels and any large building seeking in-house dining or cafeteria services, Caterline Spa has chosen StockSystemEvolution and StockVoice by Replica Sistemi to manage its warehouse.
Colussi Spa
Colussi Group is an italian leader company operating in the food industry that has installed StockSystem and than StockSystemEVolution WMS to manage all logistics flows related to the production and distribution of food products.
Diageo Operations Italy Spa
Diageo Operations Italy SpA, leading company in the beverage industry since 1994 producing and distributing spirit, wine and beer, selects Replica Sistemi's software solutions: StockSystemEvolution WMS - for the logistics flows management providing full compliance with the European Regulation for food traceability - and DFDDogana application for the customs and excise management.
Fercam Spa
A 360° logistics operator chooses StockSystem to meet the needs of its customers.

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