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SILO belongs to CFT Group, a group of companies committed to Logistics and Transportation operating within the national area. CFT has more than 2.250 members, 4.500 employees and revenue reaching €350 million p.a.


In 2016 METRO Italia Cash and Carry decided to build a structure entirely dedicated to the management of the service “METRO by you”.

CFT Group, through the subsidiary S.I.L.O. SpA, was chosen as logistics partner.



SILO SpA, Metro and Replica Sistemi, together, created the new Food Service Distribution in Siziano: an advanced structure, up with the times, with high specialization and great capabilities.

In just 4 months S.I.L.O. SpA realized a warehouse with unique and innovative characteristics.


The internal layout enables:




  • a great preservation of goods, separated areas with different temperatures which vary not only by department but also by single reference basing on specific characteristics;
  • order preparation with a low number of BOX/LINE, BOX/ROLL CONTAINER-ISOBOX and ROLL CONTAINER-ISOBOX/POS and picking by box or pick&pack.



Figures and structures
  • 4.000 managed references, perishable and not
  • 4.000.000 handlings p.a.
  • 70 employed operators


A structure of about 7.000 square meters so arranged:

  • 1.900 sq/m Dry
  • 700 sq/m Fresh/Dairy/Meat (10°/4°/2°)
  • 550 sq/m Fruit & Vegetables (8°)
  • 770 sq/m Fish (0°-6°)
  • 400 sq/m Frozen (-20°)
  • 2.000 sq/m Temperature Controlled Docks
  • 700 sq/m Offices





Being a 3PL(Third-Party Logistics) Provider of the FSD Platform, SILO SpA had the following targets:

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Picking
  • Pick&Pack
  • Processing
  • Shipping


METRO required the highest level of service: for orders received within the 11:00 PM the delivery must be completed in the early hours of the following day.
Therefore, speed and precision in releasing the orders (based on the night-time activities) are key.


In order to meet these requests, the following issues had to be faced and solved:

  • Interface with two companies (Metro and Caponord) with two different type of records (flat file and xml)
  • Selection of the orders for departments with different characteristics and simultaneous processing.


  • Speed-up all the functions
  • Management of roll containers and Isobox
  • Complete traceability
  • Management of the variable-weight products
  • Management of the BBE (Expire Date)



CFT was already a customer of Replica Sistemi since the adoption of ShowTrip TMS several years before. Some years later, the company needed to get better insights into WMS matters so CFT went through a thorough software selection in favour of the subsidiary SILO Spa.
The WMS StockSystemEvolution by Replica Sistemi was chosen because of the following benefits:

  • process solidity, 
  • ability to communicate with complex systems,
  • possibility to progress in more modern and efficient interfaces.

The arrangement of a customized information system was essential to solve issues and achieve the goals.


The project was developed according to the following steps:

  • process definition
  • analysis of the basic elements (Master Data, tracing of receiving – in and out – and tracing of shipping– in and out)
  • workflows of receiving and management of the Master Data
  • workflows of receiving and relevant confirmation
  • workflows of receiving and shipping confirmation
  • test of the interface records
  • final integration test
  • WMS StockSystemEvolution,
  • 34 MX7 Tecton
  • 4 VM1 Honeywell (vehicle-mounted device)



The introduction of a warehouse dedicated to Food Service Distribution supported by StockSystemEvolution, the advanced WMS by Replica Sistemi, resulted in many operational advantages:

  • A single dispatch place with great capabilities in terms of production and growth
  • Inventory available on-line for the sales network
  • Ability to replenish the transit-points with already assembled shippings
  • Possibility to repeat the project with the same structures in other regions
  • 24H processing capacity
  • Complete control of traceability - higher than the standard and law requirements
  • High quality goods preservation thanks to dedicated temperatures based on the type of cells
  • Timely management of the FEFO to ensure the best turnover of the warehouse and reduce the waste
  • Flexibility related to the needs of each customer


Next steps

On February 2017 it started the analysis for the implementation of the FSD 2.0.
It resulted in:

  • Picking processes improvements
  • Additional Alerts for whichever issues connected with the interfaces
  • Introduction of advanced management of the lists assignment for the operators
  • Integration with customer’s TMS and pre-sorting of the orders
  • Study of the application of new zero-impact traceable boxes or handling-supports 
  • Implementation of the Voice-Picking (within the end of 2017).

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