Case History


Sammontana is now one of the most important national ice cream manufacturing companies.
Sammontana Group

The Sammontana Group includes Pasticceria S. Leonardo, Transfrigo, Frigodistribuzione, Il Pasticcere, Bonchef, Gran Milano, Le Tre Marie, Sanson and Mongelo.


Replica Sistemi Solutions

Before enlisting the aid of Replica Sistemi, Sammontana had always managed transfers of its goods within its warehouses by manually entering the data into the sales management system. Following the implementation of the pallet labelling procedure, the company began using StockSystem from the 1stof January 2005. It is a radio frequency system which enables the automatic transmission of data to the warehouse management system.


Aims of the project

  • To increase the productivity and accuracy of the warehouse.
  • To make work in the cooling cells more efficient.
  • Tracking Management.
  • Reduction of order fulfilment times.
  • Reduction of picking errors.
  • To raise the level of customer service.
  • Unification of the logistics systems.


Installation of Replica Sistemi products



Advantages obtained with StockSystem

  • Certain recognition of incoming materials.
  • Knowledge of events in real time.
  • Complete and precise tracking and traceability.
  • Arrival on line of data related to the products used.
  • Elimination of picking errors.
  • Correct management of stocks and tracking data.

Now the logistics operators work efficiently using radio frequency terminals interfaced with Access Point remote repeaters.
There was still one more problem to tackle: the difficult environmental conditions experienced by those required to carry out he picking activity in –35°C cooling cells, capable of affecting the productivity of the whole logistic process.


For this reason, Sammontana decided to use Vocollect voice terminals incorporated into the Replica Sistemi StockVoice system in the cooling cell both at their Empoli and Vinci premises: a solution that enables operators involved in picking to communicate directly with the management operating system with the most natural tool available: the voice.
All this takes place thanks to the Talkman terminal: a real, lightweight computer worn on a belt, equipped with earphones and microphone.


Maximum productivity even at -35°C

The temperature of –35°C is able to damage almost all equipment used
For operation in warehouses, especially those with liquid crystal displays. Even the most resistant scanner devices are inefficient below -20°C.


The clothing worn by warehouse operators inside the cooling cell creates further difficulties in using hands, protected by thick gloves to register data.
Not only does the Talkman terminal withstand extreme temperatures such as those in which fridge operators are required to work, it also enables them to use their voice only to communicate with the IT system, speeds up picking operations thanks to the Hands-free Eyes-free new way of working.


During the testing phase, in which two cooling cell operators were equipped with the Talkman T2, Sammontana’s managers noticed an improvement in the quality of work and in the accuracy of activities.


After a month of testing, the final data also showed growth in the productivity of both operators in excess of 10%, an advantage which joins the zeroing of times linked with the activity of the operator responsible for issuing the transport document. What Sammontana envisaged with the installation of five terminals, and has been confirmed by the benefits actually reaped today, was a 20% increase in fully-operational productivity and a 15% reduction in errors. This shows how, even for small installations, the benefits in terms of competitiveness brought by the voice are the same as those enjoyed by the companies that use hundreds of voice terminals.


Early learning of the system workings

The Replica Sistemi and Vocollect staff assisted and supported Sammontana during the testing phase of the new solution. After just one day’s training, the operators were immediately able to appreciate the simplicity of use and comfort of the new voice terminal.



  • Increase in the quality of work and accuracy in activities.
  • 20% increase in productivity.
  • 15% reduction in the margin of error.
  • Tracking Management.
  • Unification of logistics systems on the platforms.

In view of the results achieved during the management phase at Headquarters, the project was extended to the Vinci plant (Pasticcerie Leonardo), doubling the number of terminals dedicated to voice-operated picking.
In view of the results achieved in the project, a further phase was identified, envisaging the extension of management to raw materials.

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