Case History


Nowadays in Italy the Scotti brand stands for “rice”.  
Founded by Pietro Scotti in 1860 in an old mill in Marudo (one of the many rice-fields areas in the heart of Po valley), Riso Scotti today has over 170 employees, besides the whole group’s workforce of 450 people. Riso Scotti is particularly committed to complying with the highest quality standards required for raw materials, manufacturing cycle and finished products warehouse.
Today Riso Scotti markets products across 60 countries and 5 continents through long-established relationships with reliable local partners.

It’s a family run business which combines respect for tradition with on-going research for innovation according to the development of the markets demand in terms of quality and quantity.



Polo industriale Riso Scotti, Bivio Vela - Pavia
polo industriale Riso Scotti, Pavia
Polo produttivo Bivio Vela_esterno




The project

Riso Scotti Group’s rapid growth, by means of acquisitions across multiple industries, has increasingly resulted in more complexity. Hence,
Riso Scotti in 2004 has decided to eliminate manual processes in the manufacturing warehouse by automating the warehouse management with StockSystem, Replica Sistemi’s WMS application.


Stoccaggio riso lavorato
  • Finished products identification upon production cycle completion
  • Pallets labelling (SSCC format)
  • Warehouse mapping
  • Lots traceability
  • Trucks loading
  • Third parties’ depots control
Main issues coming from the logistics processes:
  • Continuous production requiring full system stability
  • The most of the warehouse managed like a staging storage area, no shelving
  • FIFO management
  • Batch management
  • Compliance with the existing Mass Retail Channel agreements


The Solution

After a thorough review of solutions available in the marketplace, Riso Scotti concluded that StockSystem was the best fitting solutions as Replica Sistemi was able to demonstrate experience in providing solutions to similar businesses.



Project phases

The analysis of Replica Sistemi’s Project Manager initially covered the following aspects:

The analysis resulted in the WMS installation and on-site training.



Under Replica Sistemi’s StockSytem Riso Scotti obtained:

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