Case History


Partesa is a full-service firm and a beverage industry distribution network specializing in beverage sales, distribution and associated services such as consulting and education for the Ho.Re.Ca channel (Hotel, Restaurant, Café).

Partesa Group has grown through multiple acquisitions of firms in the beverage industry, today has over 60.000 customers in Italy, 16 sales organizations and a distribution network encompassing over 70 platforms covering the whole country with a fleet of 650 trucks.

From 1989 to 2002 Partesa Italia has been focusing on growing its business (from 15 to 430 ML euro).
In the year 2003 was completed a process to reorganize and streamline the company set-up.
In 2009, Partesa Grande Milano merged with Partesa Laghi generating Partesa Lombardia.

Warehouse voice picking: case study Partesa Lombardia


Today the logistics department of Partesa Lombardia has a workforce of 160 people (employees or third parties), 114 trucks and 25.000 sq/m total storage area arranged across the region and Verona city area.



Before the merger was completed, the main warehouse was affected by inefficiency like bottlenecks and errors causing worse performance, results and customer service level.

The poor availability of loading bays and the lack of a system for mapping and coordinating the warehouse resulted in order preparation and distribution processes strongly influenced. Such operations were carried out on an external dock not allowing to ensure the required supervision on customers orders and Partesa’s supplies.

In order to ensure improved service to customers, reduce costs and increase efficiency, Partesa decided to invest in an I.T. reassessment program of the logistics activity.



  • improved performance;
  • introduction of Voice Technology;
  • certainty of stock data;
  • avoid any final check processes;
  • error reduction;
  • better organization of human resources.

Main workflow problems:


  • high number of SKUs;
  • picking up to 95% the volume of handling activities;
  • warehouse operators not native (different languages);
  • high seasonality.



After assessing and analyzing costs and benefits of implementing a new Warehouse Management System, Partesa selected Replica Sistemi's StockSystem.

terminalvoiceThe radio-frequency coverage has brought timely and precise management of:


  • storage location
  • lots and expiry dates
  • warehouse activities



  • 10 Vocollect Voice terminals
  • 6 Honeywell handheld devices
  • 6 Terminali palmari Honeywell



  • From 14 to September 25,  2009 - in cooperation with Replica Sistemi’s Project manager  were carried out the analysis related to: warehouse layout, type of materials handled, inbound and putaway flows, picking and shipping flows and integration with the ERP.
  • On September 28 were installed StockSystem and StockVoice applications.
  • From 5 to October 7 was installed the hardware supply: 10 Vocollect Voice terminals and 6 6 Honeywell handheld devices.
  • From 8 to October 16 were conducted all testing activities.
  • From 13 to October 16 warehouse operators had the training session.
  • On October 20 the system started running, managing the goods receiving and was fully operating by November 23.



- Increased productivity:
  • 13%  reduction of picking operations time
  • 12% reduction of checking operations time

- Enhanced efficiency
- Margin of error reduced
- Management costs reduced


This project is at Partesa Lombardia is a concrete example of logistics innovation and shows the reliability and quality of Replica Sistemi’s products integrated with state-of-the-art technology such as Voice solutions.

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