Case History


Established in 1970 as a sole trader, Metalsistem has developed its business designing and producing roll forming machinery.

Today Metalsistem is a group of companies whose headquarters and main production facility are located in Rovereto - Italy. Metalsistem Group is now one of the most important players in the Material Handling field - delivering patented metal structures for warehousing activities of various products - and in dynamic storage systems.

The great success of Metalsistem Group is the result of focused entrepreneurial actions basing on the research of new manufacturing technologies, development and innovation of products covered by international patents and designed to guarantee versatility and safety.


Metalsistem strategy is based on lean manufacturing, just in time management of commissioned orders and production of dedicated machinery; consequent requirements:

  • reduce – or delete – “wasted time” and dedicated areas
  • organize the plant layout with raw material loading bays next to the 80 production-lines and end-product exit bays close to the end-of-line automation, where products are loaded on trucks and forwarded (while still hot)
  • raw materials always available 

At Metalsistem the Units to be loaded coincide with the Units to be forwarded: supply-chain and production-line form one single process where material handling is an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Every single project is conceived in a modular way, let’s say a “lego” logic that starts from the single structural element to offer highly flexible, scalable and integrated solutions easy to apply, develop or expand. These structural elements never change, the same element is used both for articulated multi-level drive-in racks and little display racks in a point of sale. 



  • Group revenues (2011): over 250.000.000 Euro
  • 1000 employees
  • Total area: 230.000 sq/m
  • Manufacturing area: 125.000 sq/m


The Customers Objectives

In 2010 Metalsistem management decided to maximize some logistics processes to provide a far greater organization and flow management of raw material, semi-finished and end-products. This has provided time reduction, more control and lean manufacturing.

The objectives of the restructuring project were:

  • accurate stock management
  • real-time data
  • easy and quick management of exceptions (waste products, non-standard products, adjustments etc.)
  • traceability of raw material
  • accurate supervision of commissioned orders production


The Replica Sistemi Solution

After a deep software selection process Metalsistem decided to go with Replica Sistemi and StockSystemEvolution wms, integrated with Radio Frequency vehicular and hand-held devices, as it suited the need to maximize and control the following phases: coils receipt, manufacturing along the production-lines and order load on truck. 


The Project

At first, flows and processes analysis were done in collaboration with a dedicated Project Manager of Replica Sistemi.

The target was:
- defining a functional distribution of the main areas in the plant:

  • Goods receipt, unload, check and management of received goods…
  • Location, put away, transit…
  • Assembly of exit-units, load, check and management of goods to be forwarded…

The Layout solutions of each area are determined by the structure adopted (shelves, cantilever rackings…), industrial trucks, related functions.

- defining volumes and surfaces
- defining the Layout
- defining the positioning structures
- individuation of industrial trucks for handling activity


- defining function such as: receipt, location, picking; put away/transit; cross docking




  • StockSystemEvolution
  • 46 hand-held devices (Motorola MC9090 Laser Standard)



The benefits of StockSystemEvolution

StockSystemEvolution has reorganized the manufacturing processes ensuring shorter time along the production-lines and cost reduction providing a better control over production.

Significant advances have been made:

  • Handling display in real-time and data ‘everywhere’
  • Sure times and operators’ accuracy
  • Precise replenishment (from storage locations of the same warehouse)
  • Efficiency in the use and allocation of warehouse area
  • Lowering to zero material breaks and better quality control
  • Improved quality service to benefit customers

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