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Logistics and Transportation

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Fercam is a 360° logistic operator who has an evolution set out with complete loads on road and rail, passed on to national and international road deliveries, followed by air and ocean freights, consolidated by the opening of numerous and large logistic centres, which today represent the hallmark of its offer.

Fercam will continue to constitute its strength by investing, conceiving and adapting itself in a very flexible way to the evolutive necessities of its company customers.

By providing a fast, efficient service basing itself on the highest technological standards available, Fercam decisively contribute to its customer’s success.

In fact, FERCAM is, and wants to continue to be, a player in the frenetic and urgent world of integrated logistics but it does so with respect for the company's key values, in particular, committing itself to protection of the environment, by constantly upgrading its fleet of vehicles, to offer a reliable and eco-compatible transport service.

Video Case history Fercam
"We have selected StockSystem as we needed a highly flexible and cost-effective WMS. The objective was providing Fercam with a customizable solution to meet any customer’s specific requirement, suitable to any business sector. This is certainly the key aspect of StockSystem. During the first months Fercam has been fully supported in all phases by Replica that showed strong commitment to us. A profitable and close collaboration for both of us”
Marcello Corazzola. Director Logistics Division Fercam

After having used each customer's warehouse integration system, the logistics operator found itself having to manage several solutions on each platform with the following problems:

  • knowledge of the customer's system by a few persons
  • the management of customers in linked to persons who are able to manage the customer's system
  • the impossibility of using one warehouse for more than one customer
  • each warehouseman assigned to picking that works for several customers must use several systems and, if the management is by radio-frequency, he has to use a different terminal for each customer.

Logistics operators have a primary need to standardize the software and hardware platform and create a simple integration with their own logistics management system for each customer managed.

FERCAM's choice of StockSystem allowed it to unify the management of various customers by standardizing procedures and, most of all, allowed to make its human resources readily interchangeable.


In 2003, FERCAM chose Replica Sistemi for the optimization of the logistical management processes of its warehouse through the acquisition of StockSystem.

StockSystem is Replica Sistemi's software for organizing and managing all warehouse logistics processes: goods receiving, stocking, internal handling, picking and inventory. StockSystem uses automatic identification systems based on barcode and RFID tag technologies and voice recognition system to obtain immediate information about the movement of goods, their location and the direction of the physical flow.

The criteria used to select the solution to be adopted were based on the system's ability to satisfy the following needs:

  • high parameterization of the system;
  • without massive interventions, the system had to be usable for all sectors of activity (thus avoiding limiting the potential of the sales area);
  • simple integration methods;
  • the system had to allow the IT staff to easily create the interfaces needed to connect to the customer's various information systems.

The major players of the Italian and European markets participated in the selection process.

     Installed Products

    • 5 Vocollect Talkman T5 terminals with relative accessories.
    • 166 Honeywell 9551 terminals.
    • 40 HHP - IT4800DR image readers

    Personnel training and reactions to the new applications

    The first implementation was relatively demanding (two months) since the study was not limited to satisfying the management problems of a single customer but an analysis and definition of the model to follow for all the platforms. This allowed FERCAM to use StockSystem for more than 70 customers with different management types and sectors of activity.

    The platform personnel welcomed the possibility of having a single management for many customers.

    In addition, the sales area welcomed the possibility of being able to offer logistics services without taking the computer management of the customer into too much consideration.

    Future implementations

    Activation of StockVoice on the Milan platform: through the use of Voice terminals (Talkman) the Voice Picking system allows communicating directly with the management system by voice. In this way, the operator can manage logistics operations while working autonomously with hands and eyes free.

    In fact, during picking, operators receive instructions, confirm the correctness of their work and report errors by simply speaking and listening to StockSystem through a headset, a microphone and a light, compact terminal clipped to their belts.

    Activation of the Dogana module for the management of:

    • customs warehouses for non-European Community goods with suspended customs duties and for the Community goods anticipated by the current regulations of the Community Customs Code (CCC).
    • tax warehouses for Italian and Community products with suspended excise taxes
    • VAT warehouses for Italian and Community goods with suspended Value Added Tax.


    • Increased productivity.
    • Decreased goods picking, checking and stocking times.
    • Reduced margin of error.
    • Reduced management costs.
    • Standardization of procedures on the platforms.
    • Standard integration with the customers' information systems.

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