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C.C.M.Coop Cartai Modenese S.C.


Founded in Modena in 1972, today Coop. Cartai Modenese is one of the most important Italian companies in the production, marketing and distribution of items for packaging food and cleaning and packing materials.

Coop. Cartai Modenese has become one of the largest Italian companies of reference for its line of over 5,000 quality products, its professionalism, punctuality and speed of delivery and for its constant attention to technological developments and product innovation in the sector.

In 2007, about 58 employees generated revenues of over 23 million Euros, serving over 6,700 customers (of the more than 30,000 in its customer database) belonging to different sectors (large distribution, organized distribution, independents, public agencies, etc.), with a line of about 5,000 that rotate throughout the year (out of more than 11,000 in its product database). In the same year, the cooperatives 12 warehousemen made over 66,000 shipments with 317,000 order line items picked, handling about 450,000 packages.

The success of the Voice project comes from the commitment of our staff and the high expertise of Replica Sistemi in both computer technology and logistics processes. Replica Sistemi developed a solution tailored to our needs with reliable and efficient systems (hardware and software as well);as a result this project was a ‘winning’ decision to increasingly and effectively respond to the most urgent business demand"
Fabrizio Guerriero. Information Systems Manager

Coop. Cartai Modenese, a company that has always been attentive to the evolution of technology and innovation, chose Replica Sistemi to optimize the management of its warehouse flows.

Main problems were:

  • Manual processes starting from order entry
  • Need to use voice terminals in handling package
  • Difficulty in obtaining outside resources for brief periods due to long training times
  • Extended company downtime due to manual inventory procedures

In 2005, Coop. Cartai Modenese decided to make use of the native voice synthesis and recognition technology integrated into StockSystem a warehouse logistics software application.
The warehousemen, equipped with the Vocollect Talkman terminals with headsets and microphones, work quickly and safety with hands and eyes free, using a light device that clips on their belts.

Project Goals were:

  • Space management.
  • Human Resources management;
  • reducing training times;
  • optimizing human resources in loading motor vehicles.
  • Decreasing the time required for picking and loading motor vehicles.
  • Reducing the time required to take inventory.
  • Automating the issuing of delivery documents in support of electronic management and laser printing.

Installed Products

  • StockSystem
  • StockSystemEvolution
  • StockVoice
  • 11 Vocollect T2X voice terminals
  • 6 RF HHP 9551 high performance laser terminals


Risultati ottenuti:

  • Picking productivity increased by around 35%
  • Producing in loading “groupage” motor vehicles increased by almost 30%
  • Productivity in checking incoming materials increase by more than 20%
  • Increased productivity in moving goods estimated to be around 10%
  • Accuracy improved by more than 4% (incidence of errors estimated to be 0.061%)
  • Time required to put new employees “into production” reduced from 6 months to 2 days
  • Operating costs decreased by 15%


Based on the data provided by Coop. Cartai Modenese, the Replica Sistemi project can be considered a success; according to its Information Systems Manager Fabrizio Guerriero: “The success of the Voice project is due to the effort made by the staff of Coop. Cartai and the high expertise of Replica Sistemi's consultants in both computer technology and logistics processes. When you add its willingness to develop software tailored to the customer's needs and a reliable and efficient system (both hardware and software), you can say that this installation was a ‘winning’ decision thanks to which we are increasingly able to respond effectively to the most urgent demands of the market”.

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